Monday, February 25, 2013

I felt the sunshine on my face all day....Happy Monday

 Just look at his beautiful smile...he is so happy to have new baby Kamdin home with Mom...
 Kamdin weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces ...what a cutie...he has long fingers and has scratched his little face...
 these two AKC dog breeders came in to gather some information....we all had a great love for our dogs...big and small
 another big brother smiling to see me and his Grandma....
What a beautiful couple ....Mom and Dad may be tired  but they are so proud!
 Messy Monkeys supplies .....buttons....fabrics for special monkey projects...
 check out those monkey buttons.............
 Here  are some of Candice's ideas for the tee shirts...

We meet with Keith after he sees them and make whatever adjustments....I am very proud of  her work!  Great Job!!!!
Inocente was the winner of the Academy Awards Best Documentary Short Subject ...last night at te Oscars.  In San Diego a young teenage girl named Inocente at 15 years old was determined to never give into her bleakest of surroundings.  For over 9 years she carried her belongings around in black garbage bags...finding her retreat from the bleak in her bright,vivid colors and fantasy paintings.  Please check this out...I am still trying to buy a copy to share in my studio...Art truly saves Lives!

The Spring family came in today with baby Kamdin ...6 days old and as cute as he can be.  His big...well bigger than him brothers are ready to help Mom and Dad with this newest family member.  This is the young couple that Ken married last year are beginning this new chapter with all the fortitude all new parents share with the new babies.

Candice and I organized the images to present to Keith for the Newark Soccer May 2013.  We are Here/Hear to play Soccer!  I think she has created several images for Keith to employ this year for the tee shirts.  Today we were able to download some instructions for the possibility to print my images on fabric...this is so exciting for me. Just think... multiples of my drawings and images  to play and embellish in a variety of colors and beads.

I met with two AKC dog breeders preparing for the AKC dog show in September to recommend someone to create their 2013 awards.  I asked them to come back to meet Larry Tuber and his artist in residence Joanna from England.  They both worked on the STEM trophies this past weekend and they were amazing.

I am going over to OSU tomorrow to see little Isiah's art exhibit and to listen to Willis Bing Davis speak on the importance of diversity in today's education and ability to develop our Art works to present our individual  works.   Bing had an exhibit awhile back but he always seem to share a new viewpoint when he addresses his students and artists.

I hope you were all able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine today...I hear some rumblings that the weather is about to change in a big way!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Love those monkey buttons and stencils. The kids (and you) will have a ball with those....xox

  2. I was looking up things on Google about 'found art' awhile back and happened to come across a video of 'Bing' Davis speaking of his art exhibit "On the shoulders of those who came before' (I think that was the name, I will have to look it up again). I found him on Art I believe. Very interesting! His talk should be wonderful.

  3. Darling baby.
    Cute monkeys.
    I must watch that short film. Sounds truly amazing.
    No sun here, just heavy snow-filled grey skies about to burst.
    Holding my breath and waiting on Spring!
    xoxo - Cindi