Friday, November 19, 2010

Where did my day fly to?

I had a blissful day in the studio today...Michelle Channel came in with her first portrait sketch of Larry's two pet Labradoodles Bailey and Zoe. It is absolutely adorable and he wants to give it to his wife now instead of Christmas ...not too soon dear Larry. The whole premise is that we offer something that is intimate and totally unique for the Holiday memory. There are millions of crafts and different gifts out there...most made in China unfortunately. I am working with my artists to create and inspire a memory for both the giver and the receiver. By Jove... I think we have hit on a great gift...simple intimate portraits to commemorate the 2010 Holidays.

Priscilla came in with her designs for handmade paper mache birds for ornaments with a natural theme in their design. She shared some of her processes for her three exquisite photographic compositions. She also brought in some of her husband's hot hot hot sauces complete with a dynamic label she had wrapped the bottles with. Just having these two creative spirits in my studio gets my juices going. Terry Mooney came in to check the official guides for Santa next week when Santa arrives for our annual Courthouse lighting. I am almost finished with the fleece scarves and will finish with my additional gold and silver swirls tomorrow for final delivery next Monday.

I attended the incredible Rendville Studio gallery opening at the beautiful Bryn Du Mansion...this may be my very favorite art show in my community. All of the adult artists are expressing themselves in a multitude of artistic mediums in the most authentic manor I have been privileged to witnessed. Over the years I have grown to know these wonderful individuals and their unique styles. Honestly when you look upon their finished compositions I find my self wishing I could be that completely free...creating for the pure Joy of creating. I hope you enjoy these photos and get a sense of the power of creation they manifest. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. To create just to create, to be that free is a beautiful goal. I keep gently reminding myself that can be my direction and I find that it helps.
    much love to you dear friend.