Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday...Monday...I said I was not ready to fix the little abandoned snowwoman...

Today was absolutely beautiful...clear skies and gentle breezes to caress your skin when you walked outside. I went to work and knew as soon as I walked in I had to do revive this abused snowman for the courthouse square. I decided to totally play and to employ a good Dial soap cleaning/washing to prepare the surface and then a glaze of opal glaze where I am adding tissue snowflakes to reflect light. I am hoping to find a wonderful old hat to embellish and a possible sheer organza scarf with possible glitter accents. I forgot my camera this morning so I will have to share images tomorrow. I have a presentation at 9 am tomorrow morning for the volunteers breakfast and then a meeting with a reporter at 10:30 am followed by a meeting with a wood carver who has created Ohio State University Santa's for our die hard fans in the area. Rain is moving in tonight and for tomorrow so things are drying a wee bit slower .... snow is moving in later in the evening. Maya Rose has her school program in the evening so we have a full day. I am working on some very small unbreakable ornaments with jingle bells for the child in all of us. The photos for my prayer cloth for a young couple so I will begin framing in with antique fabrics and vintage laces....I stopped by to see Jody at her pharmacy but she was off and so I am moving forward and prayerful that this will be fine with her. My days are full and busy and I am enjoying the whole process... we celebrated a co worker's birthday today and we had TWO birthday cakes...sweets once again ...but I needed to celebrate with her family because her husband is due in the hospital for surgery tomorrow.

I guess I need to back to work... the night is slipping away and time is precious . "Honor all beings" each day with your work and remember to listen with your heart! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Christine brought in her friend this afternoon and shared her exhibition of delightful photographic images of animals...God's wonderful wild creatures.


  1. I love snowmen and snowwomen! LOL I loved what you said about honoring all beings and to listen with your heart! Wonderful words to ponder this morning and every morning.

  2. Listening with your heart. Thanks for sharing your constant wisdom with all of us. xox Corrine

  3. Lovely thoughts and words of wisdom. Looking very festive. Happy Holidays to you and yours!