Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quiet Sunday for renewal in mind and spirit....

Today was a gift I gave myself ...a day for extra sleep and a day for simple pleasures. Love stories for Christmas on TV... hand quilting ornaments that will not break when knocked off the trees by a playful cat or young child.... collections of Christmas ribbons and for hand made cards to send to those special friends and family who you may not be able to visit over the next couple of weeks.... before I realized it the evening was upon me. I am still reflecting on my lessons for the first four months in my studio... now I have a better more clear understanding of my personal direction in my works. I feel privileged to have had a few special new people share their visions for the very first time but most people who have come in to see me have asked for more of my smaller works. Creating the snowmen was enjoyable but not very productive in the finances... I need to prioritize my time without any guilt to make items to keep the doors open. Quiet reflections despite the season of rush rush rush from here to there to purchase things we may think we want or need. I am working on a couple of commissions for the next couple of weeks for a young soldier who is surviving and serving in Afghanistan. A wall hanging for a young couple who are committing to each other including a ready made with children is quite an endeavor...I speak from experience. And finally I am designing a crystal snowman pin for a patron's mother in jewel tones and textures and hand embellishments with silk ribbons. I think it is time to dig out the Judith Baker Montano's handy stitch library to refresh my memory. I am thankful for the trust given to me and I work forward in unknown territory to find a special place to create and make my own artist marks.

We had a wonderful memory filled evening last night with dear friends who happen to be artists ...a special time to slow down and enjoy each other's company. We were all served an incredible meal employing family tested recipes and Ken spoiled us all with a fresh lemon pie and his delectable sweet pecan pie...I feel I have opened the gates to the need for sweets and candies. I have to be very careful when this unique temptation arrives with the Holidays. After dinner Kathy played her mother's piano and we sang Christmas Carols. I love an evening like this ...a memory for my heart to remember as the days pass, a quiet evening encircled in a loving supportive communion of thoughts and laughter. I hope you all are reserving some of your energies and discover some time to reflect in a quiet space for your loved ones. May you live in Peace as the year comes to an end...time is so elusive as I grow older with my family and friends.


  1. Oh, this sounds like SUCH a wonderful time! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. It sounds like you have had a couple of absolutely perfect days my friend! All the photos show a good, good time!!!
    Glad you're getting a feel for the studio; that always seems to take a while to determine what people are going to purchase to keep the cash flowing.
    I am looking forward to the first of the year and an on-line class Gary purchased for me already.....chilling out when everything is done and refocusing on art.


  3. Lovely pictures. What beautiful faces at such a pretty table. I don't know how you get any of your own work done in your new studio. I would be so distracted spending time chatting with people. Of course, that's wonderful too but can be tiring. :)bea

  4. I loved looking at all your pictures. So many happy faces!! xoxoxo