Monday, November 22, 2010

Today was almost 70 degrees here in is November right?

I know the cold weather is coming later this week but today I saw young college students wearing their sundresses and flip-flops...yikes the full moon has really turned around the weather cycle for 2010 November. The rains will move in tonight but I am perfectly happy to embrace this warm cycle for right now.

The snowmen are on their way to their street sign locations and I am proud of my snow babies. They are each individuals and hopefully the little ones here in my community will smile when they realize that Santa will not be confused when he arrives this Friday to light up our courthouse.

Tomorrow I will pick up the candles for the Teacher special gifts and cards on Fridays Holiday at the Works. There will be plenty of things to do at the museum and in the individual workshops. Once again I am not sure how many to expect but I am planning on working on my handmade cards until later when I will have hot chocolate and some cookies for the invited guests to await the arrival the special firetruck delivery of Santa Claus. The weather should cooperate and the night will not have too much of a chill for the smallest of Christmas hearts.

I met with the lunch time watercolorists and we shared different processes and future exhibitions. We began putting up the Christmas trees in the studio and in the central gallery so the season is slowly creeping in on jingle bell toes. Enjoy the wonderfully beautiful full moon tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I will work on the work table tomorrow...and pick up the cinnamon candles for Friday ...woohoo!


  1. Good Tuesday morning to you Mary Helen
    We are will be flirting with temps in the 70's here in N VA today this Indian Summer?
    Such fun seeing your studio dress up for holidays!
    Happy days to you!

  2. Enjoy that 70 degrees! Actually, we have an unseasonably warm day here in Mass today, too. It is supposed to hit 60, which is NOT normal for this time of year, but you will NEVER hear me complain about too warm! LOL! Your snowman looks great!

  3. Sounding very busy these days, Mary Helen. As for the weather, well, out here in West TX, Southwestern part of the U.S., that's very common. Our cold weather consists of some Northern blowing through here, 40-50 mph winds then dropping the temps by just a few degrees...I think they're predicting around 60ish on Thanksgiving, of course, this after it blows away. So I'm not looking forward to exchanging real estate with Mexico and NM....a real bother for the ol' allergies!! I finally purchased a coat last year after not using one for 10 years...winter occurs about 3-5 days a year!! LOL

    Enjoy your warm weather for'll be lovingly remembering it when the snow drifts hit!!! Have a great Thanksgiving.


  4. Enjoy it while it lasts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Been in the 70's here too. Love that Indian Summer. But soon to turn colder come Thanksgiving, down to the 40's that evening. Love your snowmen. Hope you have a good holiday!