Monday, November 1, 2010

where are my snowmen?

I went to the studio to deliver the necklace and birthday card and set up the station for painting my 7 snowmen for the courthouse square street signs in celebration of the lighting of our courthouse on Friday the day after Thanksgiving. I made the pattern and we will have them ready by next week if they can be delivered in a timely manner. I am working at a long table and have the gesso ready to apply so the paint will adhere throughout the weather of Ohio's windy cold winters. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow as I will be celebrating the 90th birthday celebration with my mother in law over the weekend. Larry brought the two pups to pick up Sarah's gift and I am so hoping she will love the symbolism I have chosen for her design.

My friend... surprised me... and she is willing to help me gather gift bags and supplies for my Holiday sales. We shared ideas and items that I was looking for ...and if I needed something she already had I could avoid some of the shipping costs until I have a better handle on what I will need for wrapping. We shared some ideas she had used in the past and she guided me to her experiences. Next week I will try to go out and check out her secret stash on her beautiful little farm.

We do have the Aids Task Force Art auction this Friday in the central gallery I needed to have the hangers retrieved and hung for the intake before then. I am not sure who is in charge or when the intake is scheduled so I will try to be as prepared as possible. I do know the time...6 to 8 pm this Friday but that is about all I have been told. Lord help me ... I want to do this right for a very good cause.

I went to the craft stores and picked up a few small supplies for next Halloween and then came home...the days are getting shorter and the darkness seems to arrive a wee bit earlier each day. I found some fabric with reds and skeletons to line my reverseable apron and have it finished and ready for next Fall in the studio. The cards are packed away and I now have the right cellophane bags for a more attractive professional appearance. I am tired once again and wish I could have a ounce of my grand children 's energies. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I added Delale's brief artist statement and a photo or two to share her visions.


  1. I just love the name of the studio.

  2. Some days there seems to be some pretty loud but with each day I try to listen with my heart to my mother's quiet voice guiding me when I have a self doubt. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart