Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The time is now...cast your vote or do not complain...

My snowmen did not arrive today so I tried to work on Thanksgiving cards but most people who came in wanted "Santa" Christmas gifts so I have to re-evaluate my focus. The place was hopping and Dee stopped by and I shared her statement and images on last night's blog...attempting to keep interest up for her. Next Monday she has found an assistant to assist her in the move to the city hall second floor gallery space. The mayor has been a kind friend to offer her another place to share her vision. Tomorrow she will meet with our visitors bureau director and hopefully Dee said they were interested in purchasing some of her works. I am saying a prayer and wishing her well.

I did have to wait to vote today but who knows where the final count will fall.... the races are so vehemently run this fall that I am just finding solace in the end being in sight. If someone does not vote ...they better not complain in front of me...we all have a privilege and responsibility to contribute to how the lines are drawn in the sand. I am praying for the best for our nation...we have to discover a new way to have a dialogue with each other without such hateful language and behaviors. Schools were closed today so we had many little artists visit the studio today with curious "itching" fingers to get in there and make something...everything on my table was of interest to their inquisitive minds :O)!

I have hurt my back ...or maybe the cold has gone down into my back. I am headed up to the heating pad and "lidocaine" spelling? patches for bed rest. Hopefully ...tomorrow will be an improvement and my snowmen will arrive so I can get started with the gesso and painting fun. I am having a hot cup of tea in a snowflake teacup...getting ready to face the white flakes the weather man has assured us that will arrive by Friday. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I voted and now I can complain. WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING? I agree, this disgusting behavior has to stop. The amount of money spent on tv ad, etc has to stop. Will anything positive for our country happen or will those now in office just do their best to stop, start, push, pull things for their best interests. I get to upset when I start to focus on the political scene. I am a turtle now, I pull my head in and go out to the studio and forget about humans. sigh.......:)Bea

  2. I did vote and Bea now I feel we all have to pray for the best in humanity. See those adorable two students... they were in my Art class a few years ago ...that is why we do what we can do. Sometimes it is perfectly okay to be a turtle...I will be working in my studio also. Have a wonderful Thursday evening. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart