Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I forgot today was Wednesday....

I am up to my neck in painting snowmen and had a fruitful day in the of the COTC teachers told me that I really know how to make a mess! Two sides of gesso...two coats of white paint to cover the black X's on the plywood and finally a mix of blue gold glaze to show somewhat a contoured shape to my snowy friends. :O)!!! Tomorrow I am ready to start painting hats and adding details and swirls of snowflakes. I left the studio at 5:30 and Ken and I had a date at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant on the court house square. I was too tired to cook and this was a spicy treat for both of us...our inexpensive "date" night. Tomorrow Ken has another late night of parent teacher conferences so I can work late and then will meet a friend who has been preparing all week for her holiday open house with her Holiday and Christmas selection at a local Finders Keepers open house.

I am slowly bringing in my front window selections for my window. I feel as if I am behind schedule ...every where I look I see the Christmas "Stuff" everywhere and the music is all over the air waves. I want to offer less...maybe an experience...create a memory more than sell sell sell for the almighty BUCK! Now I realize this is not a very popular business plan in this economy but for the most part I just want to make my marks and enjoy the moment. I love seeing little ones come in and check out the snowmen and when I tell them they will guide Santa Claus on the big red firetruck to help him find his way to light up our courthouse. My friend told me I should be wearing a red Santa hat and jingle all the way into the studio.

I was so intense of completing the job at hand that I forgot to visit my thrift stores for their special discounts on Wednesdays. I have been washing , arranging and moving my Christmas design elements into my space a little at a time. When the Snowmen move on to their duty and special locations I need to start making final arrangements for the last big month of the year. I am blessed to have so many stop by and show their support in my adventure. I need to finish a few jobs before I fall asleep so I will be signing off. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Welcome to all my United Kingdom blog artists...I am not too sure how you have found me but it is thrilling to share the journeys together. Bravo!

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  1. Yes, it's Wednesday. Some days I really wish I didn't have to check the calendar to see what I have to do. Today, was one of those days. I snuck out to the studio until lunch time when the furnace repair guy showed up. :)Bea