Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you Nico and Roco...and Keaton from yesterday

Well my crew of Santa's helpers has grown... and today I had the cutest little brothers from Italian descent. Their mother graciously allowed me to borrow some of their energies to help me finish the snowman parade for the guides for Santa's sleigh on next weeks exciting courthouse lighting. My heart was totally captivated by Nico's unabashed JOY in the process of painting! Licking county just gets better and better for families to unite and celebrate the soul of the season with the coming of Christmas. Yes if you are not careful may be overwhelmed with the dark dreary news that seems to prevail...but with the help a an innocent child we can all take a moment to remember the simplicity of just being in the moment. The photos are just a fraction of the energy and light I saw expressed in the studio today.

I rushed to pick up my grand daughter after school so we could get a head start on her home assignments ...Harriet Tubman really was a remarkable woman who saw a need and worked diligently to make a change for liberty and freedom with the Underground Railroad. grandpa arrived to the studio and we all headed down to the library for a seat in the small wee chairs downstairs in the children's area. She worked on math and then we finished our chapter summary for her book report ...we are both going to work o the cursive formation of her letters in the next couple of sessions ...I am so proud of her because I do realize that with these extra hours of lessons and I know how tired she is at the end of the day. Well done my dear Maya Rose!

I came home to make a Tomato Bisque Chicken soup for our dinner and the flavors and the warmth was enough to almost lull me into a deep sleep. I need to finish the last fleece scarves for my snowmen population for their pickup on Friday or Saturday...I am so excited the little characters will be up and visible for all our children here in our lovely Licking County!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Protect the child inside your hearts...check out these beautiful smiles!


  1. I love watching children create! These photos make me happy!

  2. That looks like such a good time! Pure joy!

  3. You're living such a wonderful life, Mary Helen. I admire yours and Ken's diligence to help out Maya Rose...I think she knows what gems she has for grandparents.

    Before I left Austin, my oldest grandson, Sean, 10 years, quietly hid his directions for a magic wand...he's into Harry Potter big time!! I found it while I was unpacking my backpack, along with his new series of "Know-It All Man" comic...written and illustrated by Sean! So I've made his wand, with some extra add-ons by his Meema and am making him a sacred bag today for him to put his wand away when he's done doing his magic miracles. Being a grandmother is one of the most wonderful and honoured titles I've ever had and I take it very seriously as you and Ken.

    Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless you both.