Thursday, November 11, 2010

A quiet moment in the studio ...Happy Veterans Day

I worked with my little snowmen and met with Lauren and her beautiful children...she had found a beautiful linen tea towel at a yard sale and I look forward to working this into one of my pieces. I have missed seeing the twin boys and her darling little girl...she has so much information about possibilities with making art. I have invited them back since they are all home schooled and introduced them to "The Best Christmas pageant Ever" with the wild and hilarious Herdman family. I swear they changed the name of the family because they lived down the street from me on Terry Road when I was growing up. They are reading the The Man in the Iron mask...the children s version. Another woman came in to inquire about classes but I explained for right now I was wanting some time to work on my own pieces and the Holiday Event on Friday after Thanksgiving. I organized my holiday stamps for that day and future design elements on my cards and fabric ornaments. I guess this sounds like I am getting into a flow now...this holiday season around here is so over whelming that it is jaw dropping. I printed some images tonight for several assemblages so I will be able to work while my paints are drying on the snowmen.

I met a great friend tonight for a salad and two mini burgers. We laughed and shared our preparatory stages for this busy holiday extravaganza. She has worked all day on her displays for her open house tomorrow. I am hoping to make an appearance because there are two friends exhibiting in Finders Keepers open house. Virginia had memory Lane downtown before she moved on to a more affordable location. Sandy has the front window with Christmas Trees filled with her wonderful images of photos from her past here in Licking County. I am hopefully going to be able to share some photos tonight if the blogger allows the process flow. Have a great Friday...we are enjoying a spectacular Indian Summer here and the weather is so wonderful. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh, everything looks so fabulous and Christmassy! How fun!

  2. I had a feeling that once you got settled in things would really start to pick up. Do you have any classes lined up for January? It sounds like people know you are there now and excited about coming in and learning something.
    How exciting for you. :)Bea