Saturday, November 27, 2010

The rush of the pressures we create....

I have survived the first Friday after the Thanksgiving know the one where the radios and TVs advise us to give up our sleep and get out of our warm beds to rush out to be the first to buy something we think we might need. The studio had a gentle flow today...where hopefully I have learned a few new steps to take to be better prepared. One on one is so rewarding...watching a child model after one demonstration...a child who makes decisions to adjust their compositions and select just the perfect punch for a cut out ...and oh there is the ribbon. Watching a young he said he loved baseball...fumble for a bit to make his stamps and then add just the right amount of glitter glues. Yes the young men taught me to watch and be present but to allow them to make their marks for their buckeye candles and special handmade cards. Sophia is a young artist who I met when she was about three in my friend Leah's art class. Now at the golden age of 9 and 1/2 she is well read and articulate about her personal choices ...she enjoyed the quiet studio where wonderful Christmas music drizzled into the space and shared her readings and projects she has been exploring at the Academy. The delightful free spirit who was willing to risk working another step into her teachers gift. I feel very good about making a memory for both the teacher and the pupil as this exchange custom grows and develops. Parker and Lauren came in for hot chocolate with Rena and Owen...and with the wind chill of about 16 degrees the hot sweet drink warmed us all up as we awaited the arrival of Santa on his firetruck...well this time he had to employ another form of transportation ...the firetruck was called out for an emergency run about 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Getting home was interesting and I wished I had been thoughtful enough to pack a hot chocolate to make the drive home... our community seemed to be in a generous mood and took turns allowing the next person join in on the exit routes to their individual warm homes.

Today I worked with some more young artists as their parents watched the OSU / Michigan football game.... the heat did not seem to be running up to par but the warm spirits filled the studio as we worked to make our gifts. After clean up I realized a few time I would limit the choices and selections for making the gift bags and cards...less hassle. I would keep a closer eye on the beloved glitter glues...boy these materials are a true elixir for young artists... if a little is good then a lot must be better. I would also set up better equipped stations for us all to make our selections. I worked with a three year old and up to the sixth grade...I need more finished items in the future and I now have a third commission to create in jewel tones for a special mother's Christmas gift. Now we are preparing to have a very special dinner with two other artist couples...a blessed Thanksgiving to share with others living their walk....their journey in making their art. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Wow, you were busy and yes, life is all about learning and it sounds as if you learned lots during your Christmas projects with children....too many choices can be a bit daunting for them and you!! I didn't leave my bed on Friday nor any other day except yesterday when I went to my neighborhood grocery store and bought a steak. I was so tired of bird, that I ate another left-over, I knew I was going to sprout wings and gobble!! LOL

    Today, it's back to the studio till life returns to somewhat normal when my hubby returns from Houston tomorrow after visiting his kids and grandkids during the TH week. My son will also be here for next weekend so I'll have everyone help me take out the Christmas stuff and dust it off...been 2 years since I have done any father passed Dec. 19 of '08 and last year, I went to Austin to spend with my daughter and grandies, so this year, we're putting it all out and bought a new Christmas tree to trim!!

    Have a great week and take care.

  2. Busy time of year isn't it. Those children will remember those times with you. I do believe you will make a lasting impression on them. I always enjoyed volunterring with the children and it was always up to me to come up with craft ideas. It is challenging but fun and rewarding to see them learn.