Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday October 13...the cycle of life...

On Monday I told you about the installation of the Prayer for the Maasai quilt for the John and Christine Warner Library at Ohio State University here in Newark. What I did not say was I went to visit the dear lady who made the decision to purchase my quilt for her library....Christine Warner Powell. I had a special hand inscribed book of my poetry I had wanted to hand deliver. Christine has been in precarious health lately and I had attempted to visit her in her home for a couple weeks. Christine was sleeping when I arrived but the housekeeper said she would be sure to give her the book when you woke up...but Christine was very ill. I said my goodbyes and noticed the lone walker in the garage doorway ...I began to cry...human life is extremely fragile and I knew there was a reason I needed to deliver this book The salty tears stung my cheeks as I drove to ...the direction of my studio but decided to stop by our bank...I wanted the president to know if I was needed for anything...I was available to Christine in any and all ways. I was beginning my grief as I knew instinctively Christine was going home. Christine was a remarkable woman... a farm girl who worked extremely hard during her life and has donated to Denison University, our local YMCA, the million dollar library for our Newark OSU campus complete with fireplaces and comfortable furniture for the students and every luxury a college student might need to make their way through their college years. Christine supports the theaters and The Works for everyone and the possibilities for a better future for our community in Licking county. Christine died in her home at one o clock am this morning.... and there have been tears in our community all day long...but also there has been laughter and joyful memories of Christine outgoing love and appreciation for the diverse families here in our community...our state....our country and our Mother Earth! Farewell dear have inspired me to be a strong woman, working visibly as a working artist in my community and to find as many ways to give back to the lives of all generations here in my hometown. My heart is heavy but I spent my moments in the sunlight and embracing the moment honoring my special friend Christine Warner Powell.

Today I shared the colors of Autumn with two artists from Naples, FL...Mary Bartrop and JoAnn Carlson. They are in Ohio to attend the Fall Retreat for the Art Quilt Network but arrived early to spend a day and a night with Ken and I. We have been friends since 1990...and over the distance of miles and decades we have remained close and shared our art journeys and family trials and tribulations. I am blessed by sweet friends who bless my life through thick and thin... "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time"...thank you James Taylor . Mary encouraged me to feel the grief and express my loss and sorrow...she understood my loss because she lost her beloved Jerry a few years back. The three of us went down to the studio and then went down to Dawes Arboretum so they could capture some beautiful color from the Fall glorious landscapes. They headed over to Columbus for their hotel and an early reception for the artists arriving tonight.

Ken and I had a quiet dinner and moved to complete our tasks of the work for Ken and laundry for our family. I have rested and rejoiced that the miners in Chile have been rescued and reunited with their loved ones. The world dramas continue on and my heart is saddened to know that I will not see Christine's delightful smile here on earth again...but she will live in heart until my last breath. I hope you enjoy some of the photos. Tell the ones you love love them today! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. What a lovely tribute for a friend, passages are never easy but they are as integral to our daily being as breath. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
    xox Corrine