Wednesday, October 6, 2010

gathering information...

The day began with a drizzle in a gray cloak of dark mist on my hillside as I drove down to the studio. The first aroma of a the fireplaces burning for warmth enveloped my sense of smell and the contrast of oranges and yellows against the painted velour purples and blue skies were wrapped over the hillsides on my short six mile drive. Autumn has arrived and before we realize it the real changes will make themselves visible ...time evaporates like the morning mist rising off the river. When I arrived at my studio the grill presented me with a handmade pumpkin roll filled with the cream cheese filling...I immediately bought the first one for our dinner tonight. Last time Cindy's delicious treats sold out before I could buy one to take home. Working here is a crossroad for the dangers of wonderful foods that could add pounds very easily without even thinking about it. :O)

I began organizing the mail and paying my utilities and visited with Jeff Carr who works in the Art of Bonsai ...the magic of miracles in small exquisite living trees sculptures. I met with my friend Michelle as she prepared for her next class and she shared her "illuminated page" for the historical art class for her Fall studies. She wrote a poem about the mystical Unicorn and we discussed how she might want to develop her images and calligraphy. I shared my lunch with a patron who bought a poster from Dalale's collection "Hungry Winter". She is a counselor and professor over in Columbus and we discussed the possibilities of the latest discoveries and research on the human brain. Lunch came and I had organized The art works from Hayley's exhibition and collected her mail and DVD we had made of her first exhibition. I had saved her roses from the opening to be recycled into hand made papers for her future use. She gave me a plant for the studio with fresh Fall colors mixed in the planter as a token of her gratitude. Hayley is going to go far in her desire to create an artist life. She is a young spirit full of optimism and beauty. We will work together on the 23rd for the Harvest Festival and Paper Moon Studio.

I stopped by Goodwill and found two basket containers to add as design elements and proper storage. I picked up a couple clearance supplies for the pink recognition of October's Breast Cancer fund raising and awareness. I plan on finishing it tomorrow so it will have adequate time allowed for drying and mounting on my easel. I have to relocate some paints that were given to me and prepare for weekend class I am having with a 9 year old on Saturday morning. Life goes rolling along and we are all gaining strength as Baby Lyndon Allen continues to improve. We will have to be watchful and careful about exposures in the next couple of months so he can regain a stronger immune system. I am so appreciative of all your prayers and support.

I pulled the car off the road to study the cloud formations as I was driving home...a ballet in colors and gentle hues of foreshadowing...I hope to be inspired to use these photos for inspiration as I continue my small paintings for the "Soul of the Season" exhibit in November and December. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Miss Rose Marie is healing (check her photo) but not very happy with her restrictions and wearing this plastic collar to prevent her from opening her stitches...I feel her pain and discomfort but on the 18th we will go and have the stitches removed. Thank you Dr. Herrick and your wonderful staff for your kindness you have shown my small companion.


  1. Beautiful photos of a painterly sky. I am always inspired by nature and it seems you are as well!

  2. Hello Mary Helen, just a short message to tell you that I've deleted the dogs and cats blogs for the moment. I will think about another special place for them. Sorry for that, wish you a happy Sunday evening, love