Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Gratitude to all those who have supported my Dream....

Three months ago I began living my own sacred art space to make my art journey visible every day. I am so grateful to everyone who has stopped by, offered some wise advice, shared the noon meal and a laugh with me and others, comforted me when fatigue reminds me to slow down a wee bit...and just for sending me positive energies to continue the journey. Yes, tomorrow the rent is due once again but I am learning every day. I have hosted two exhibits...Hayley Lavendar's first exhibit and Dalale Hall and Roy Oro King 's exhibit which will close on November sixth and then I am off to create Soul of the Season collection of gifts made here in Licking county by local artists and some new artist friends I am anxious to introduce to our community. I have always said no one succeeds alone and my affirmations are rippling in circles of gratitude for all the love I have received. I am amazed how quickly the time has flown by ...and look forward to "going home" to my space as often as I possibly can. Thank you all.

Today I went down to the studio...for a bit of peace and quiet to create my Thanksgiving collection of cards for the season. Ken went with me add a virus protection program on my new used computer. We hung a few paintings on the empty wall and I realize I have to finish emptying the rest of the garage so I will be able to park my car inside for the winter months that are quickly closing in on me. Ken did park his car inside tonight I am motivated to be able to get my little Geo inside and safe and sound. I delivered Halloween candy bags to my grand daughters and then a quick run through at Kroger's for immediate needs for the week. When I came home I packed up the Halloween costume and spider lace for next year's festivities. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a couple specials from the clearance sales at the craft stores.

Now I am working to finish a special necklace for a birthday present for a dear friend's birthday tomorrow. I am hoping this design will make her as happy as it has been making the special gift. I am creating a card tomorrow to go with the necklace and will wrap it after I receive approval from her husband. I have chosen sterling silver necklace with a mother of pearl cross wrapped in silver with some possible design elements that may or may not work. I will photograph the finish product tomorrow...I even bought a velvet display element to showcase my latest pieces. I am relatively new to this process but honestly I do love the immediate "wow" factor I feel as the designs come to fruition. I hope you have had a blessed weekend with your special little ghosts and goblins...Happy Halloween! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Dear Mary, I hope you have a lovely Halloween. I miss the costumes and trick or treating. The kids never make it out to our place, and Halloween is not so big in Australia.