Friday, October 15, 2010

This blog is for you Billie and Jake and ...a very dear 87 year old musician

Today we have had an incredible day in the studio. It was COTA day so there were many schools closed so that the teachers could attend professional meetings. I was blessed to have many families come into the studio to see what is happening. Priscilla and Randy and their canine companion George brought in The Paper Moon installation. I met two adorable little boys named Billie and Jake who came in with their wonderful grandparents for a day of exploration at The Works! They have a blog and I promised them I would put their photo up tonight and check out their blog and become a friend! Little Jake wanted pertinent old are you? how much do you weigh? I told him I was 60 but heaven will freeze before I disclose my weight! They were delightful and had wonderful questions and made my heart smile! I hope you enjoy the photos guys and will come back to visit me when you are in town.

Ken worked on my computer to add an anti-virus program and made it easier to get to my Outlook Express. I felt loved and spoiled because we were able to share the day together...working together to prepare for the Paper Moon experience next Saturday! We had lunch together and in the middle of the afternoon we had ice cream... this is a treat for me. I am living the Life I ordered. Life is crazy though because Ken's car was in the shop all day and the heater will not go off...and yes we are needing a new furnace and it will be installed next Wednesday...but at least we can work to pay for a new furnace and have a roof over our heads.

Tonight I worked for the Midland Theater for an incredible inspirational musician...87 years young Doc Watson. Doc was blinded by the age of one and worked hard his whole life. He was blessed with an incredible talent for finger-picking and flat-picking . He also plays a hot harmonica and the banjo. Tonight he played with David Hoyt, Richard Watson...Merle's son and Mike ...sorry I cannot remember his last name but they have traveled together over the decades. I am still walking on air...I felt as if I was in the presence of our National Treasure in the life this gentle man has lived! Doc host the world's largest acoustic music festival in Wilkesboro, North Carolina including folk, bluegrass, blues and old time music genres. Art truly saves Lives! A new biography "Blind But Now I See" by Kent Gustafson was just published and I will be checking out Amazon as soon as we get the furnace paid for. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful colors painting our landscapes here in Ohio. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Tomorrow I will share the treasures I received from Thelma Eddy...wonderful treasures that were saved from her mother's sewing box. Buttons, laces, buckles and oh so much more!


  1. Nice setup for this this event even music can be a big source of changing mood. Kids are also looking so excited be a part of this event.

  2. What a wonderful life you lead...what great fun!

  3. I've been meaning to stop by for days, and I finally made it. Wow, installing a furnace and a roof in the same decade. I hope both will save you in the long run. Doc Watson played in Wichita a long time ago (five or more years). Yes, he is a wonderful and soft spoken person. But his music speaks volumes. Thanks for the memory.

  4. It sounds like you had an absolutely amazing day!