Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween! and what a week of glorious activity

We had our power restored on Sunday and then on Tuesday we had over 60 mile an hour winds hit our county in the afternoon and guess what ? We lost several large trees and had live wires flying all around and no one was allowed in or out of our circle subdivision. By nine that night...we had our power restored but the crews worked the next day clearing up debris and the downed tree limbs. Tonight we headed over to Erin's house for dinner and trick or treating with my two favorite dinosaurs. Well Cole loved being a dinosaur but ... Miss Morgan had a totally different idea about wearing this particular outfit. She ended up wearing Dr. Cutie Patootie! On the way home a small young doe dashed out in front of my little Geo...luckily I had enough space around and in front of my car to avoid hitting her but just by the slightest of inches. I pulled over... I was shaken but oh so grateful not to have hit this creature of beauty.

Tomorrow I am setting up for the opening for my painter Dalale Hall and sculptor Oro Ray King 's opening from 6 to 8 pm. The weather turned colder tonight and I think we will have a clear night for a stroll around our beautiful courthouse. The Licking County Arts is hosting a "Beyond Realism" abstract theme and Liz Argyle is hosting a painter ...but for the life of me I cannot think of her name. The Gallery of Dreams with Kim Miles will exhibit her paintings and portraits between the 6 to 8 hours. Little by little our community of diverse artists are collaborating and celebrating the Arts created here in Licking County.

I will share some of the opening photos tomorrow. I am feeling so grateful for my narrow escape of a collision tonight, the dedication my Priscilla expressed in the whole Paper Moon Studio collaboration with The Works Harvest Festival, and my admiration for young, dedicated parents who live and love their families with every breath of their being. Happy Trick or Treating!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Those winds were terrible. Power out here and trees falling. I managed to drag one most of the way off the driveway so we could get around it.
    Scary stuff. I don't like wind, a gentle breeze, yeah, but NOT WIND like that. Glad you are safe.
    The deer are running now, tis the season. Go slowly and remember if there is one there is probably another one right behind it. Thanks for the good wishes, too. :)B

  2. Oh, their little costumes are so cute!!!!

  3. YOu always have so much going on and so much fun! :) It all looks so wonderful! Wonderful costumes!
    Hope the weather is getting better there. Here it is beautiful and fall like again, so I'm loving it.

  4. Thank God you were spared from having a collision!! Love all the photos of your little darlings all dressed up and lots of places to go. We heard about the 60/mile winds out there. My stepdaughter lives in Chicago and she took it like a champ...out here in the Southwest, during the Spring we get horrible wind storms, has blown up to 80/mile winds, so no biggy for our Jessi!! LOL

    Take care and have a wonderful're a love!


  5. Greetings from Minnesota! i wanted to swing by and say thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and for your post!

    I have always loved spiritual music seems to ground me and calm me so I listen to it a lot!

    I have only read a few posts so far in your blog and really do like what I have read, appears you are a very busy lady!

    I cant wait to see new photos of the opening!!

  6. So very glad that both you and the doe are safe!! I hope the winds have settled and all power is restored for good now - you are much too busy of a woman to have these kinds of interruptions :) I love the costumes - you are a creative bunch, that's for sure!! Really fun pictures. Happy Halloween to you and yours! xoxox Karin