Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you...gratitude for home coming...

My heart has been heavy the last four days...five week old Lyndon Allen has been in Children's Nationwide Hospital for as yet an undiagnosed viral infection and high fevers with a rash. He has been under a close observations, multitude of tests, and spinal tap and IVs to keep him from becoming dehydrated. I have been aware every minute of the day that my Erin and Chance are experiencing every parents does a five week old little angel find the strength to withstand the ordeals. Erin and Chance never left his side and held him constantly for skin to skin comfort. I came home from the Works Hatsoff Fund raiser and felt as it my stomach had been kicked in. Today they all came home and I am praying they will all receive a good night's sleep in their own beds and tomorrow will be a better morning for the young family. I have enormous gratitude for the kindness and care they all received during this experience and pray to have a renewed strength in their faith and guidance from their spiritual Heavenly Father above.

I took my beloved Rosie in to her much needed Vet appointment and she received her three updates on the vaccinations. She weighs all of 14.3 pounds and will have surgery tomorrow morning to remove a large bleeding tumor off her loving little head. She has never met a stranger and today she entertained everyone who came into contact with her ...wiggling and smiling in her loving furry way. She was so ready to come home and we have been in bed all evening to get her much needed rest and touch comfort...she thinks I am her Doggy mother. I will be so relieved when she get s to come home tomorrow night.

Today Ray Oro brought in five of his sculptures for the next Art Walk. I put his works into the front window alone ...and they are definitely powerful enough to bring the passing viewers into the studio. Dalale Hall brought in her hand painted gourds and some beautiful paintings that honor our indigenous Native Tribes. I plan to clean the floors and rearrange the layout of the studio space to offer a fresher environment and inviting atmosphere for the back to lunch group. We have the Paper Moon Studio and the Works Harvest Festival planned for October 23 so there will be plenty of patrons ...Priscilla Rink has prepared a "smilebox" video to share on this post as soon as I learn how to move it here from Facebook. I am learning something new every day in this new adventure but after this month 's exhibit I am working on a more equitable guideline for exhibiting in the space. I want to get back to making more of my work here in my sacred space. I hope you have had a wonderful Monday...remember to be thankful for the gifts we are here to receive from above. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. oo MH i'll keep your little one in my heart...

  2. Oh Mary sorry to hear , I am hoping little Lyndon will be in just perfect health soon....

  3. wow, it sure sounds like you all have really been through it. I am so glad to hear they are coming home, and my prayers are with you all, with an extra dose for little Lyndon. healing blessings, and much love, Karin

  4. Sending all of you healing thoughts.