Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday and the light mist of sprinkling raindrops kiss my face....

We now have power once again...I have done my laundry and had our soup for dinner. and worked on a skeleton apron for the beggars night on Thursday. I think we are going over to Erin's to help pass out the candies to the cute little ghouls and dinosaurs running up to the doorway to collect as many sweets as they can possibly carry. Last night I thought I would start a few sample items to test the market for the upcoming holiday season. I watched one of those home shopping stations for a few moments to see what gifts they were providing but I am sure they are all mostly made and shipped from China. I am working on my window collection and was asked today to make a pattern for a three foot snowman with a cute hate and arms for mittens. They will need 7 for the courthouse square and this will be something to bring people in to watch the start to finish process.

We...the downtown association ... are working with the students upstairs for their design processes and this gives them a perfect opportunity to work and create in the real world. I am hoping this will be a fun project to create with a couple of my friends and use their design skills and playful child like attitudes. I have donated the gesso, paints and fabric for the scarves for embellishing each character for the top of street signs. I will make the pattern tomorrow and deliver it to the Works Wood Shop so they can make the cut outs and we can get started.

Yesterday while we ate our soup by candlelight and listened to a four truck team from the electric company make double time on a Sunday night and use a chain saw in the dark of night Ken and I tried to read a little of the newspapers. Scary thought when you stop to consider all that could have happened. I kept hearing things fall and today I can see how they had to remove more trees than I realized and there is actually a a 10 inch tree trunk hanging in the limbs of the remaining tree surrounding the final trim. Well thank goodness no one was injured and we now have power once again. Thank you AEP..I never looked better than in the candlelight but electricity is a wonderful convenience.

I am getting ready to hand out the Paper Moon photos tomorrow and make the final preparations for Friday's Art Walk. Table cloths, napkins, cups, wines and other drinks plus small finger foods. Hopefully we will be blessed with good weather for strolling down and around the courthouse square. I have to help Priscilla remove the materials and clean the floors and prepare the room for another celebration of the Arts here in Licking County. Have a quiet and safe day tomorrow...we have a strong winds arriving tomorrow afternoon...predictions of 60 miles an hour winds and possible storms... hey it is Ohio so we are used to this. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. It sounds like your night was a bit of an adventure! I'm glad nobody was hurt.

  2. It is tough when the power goes out but your candles are beautiful in the photo. A time to be closer together ... glad you are back in action. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and yes( digital techniques are complicated to explain) - but a lot of people like to know how the art is made!

  3. The candles are beautiful! And you sound incredibly busy with lots of good things happening.