Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday with my baby Lyndon Allen...

We came over for a sleep over with Erin and the children. Cole and Morgan had been invited to a pony birthday party with their Mothers group. So Ken and I took care of Lyndon and actually fed him his first bottle. Luckily he was receptive to this experience and pretty easy to care for. At five weeks he is at 9 pounds and his schedule is tenuous with set back from his hospital stay at Children's for a viral infection. He studied my face and responded to my voice as I coaxed him into accepting the bottle of Mom's milk and he gazed up into my face as he had his feeding. With a diaper change and a slow walk around the house he slowly dropped off to a peaceful slumber. Wouldn't the world be so much happier if we all could have a cuddle in loving arms with warm milk before we drift back into a peaceful sleep in the swing? Cole and Morgan literally stripped down to undies so we could put them into an early bath and avoid exposure to a foreign germ or bacteria to Baby Lyndon. The children were fired up from playing cowboy and having birthday cake dinner consisted of mashed potatoes and a slow cooked roast Erin put into the crock pot with carrots...planning early in the day to be able to feed them something nutritious for dinner after an afternoon of sweet delights.

I will try to pull up the photographs from my latest woman's whisper...Thelma Eddy brought in her mother Myrtle's sewing and button box filled with exquisite bits of lace memories, buttons, pins, and beaded designs recovered from a turn of the century wool garment. I was thrilled beyond my words and Thelma said she wished everyone could be as happy with receiving "nothing". I explained that this was a treasure collection of fiber design elements to re-purpose today in my art works and give a voice to the delicate precise handwork women did last century. Lovely memories flow from this collection and I am honored to restore them to their brilliance in design and composition. Thank you dear Thelma and Myrtle.... for the additional whispers and echoes from a woman's work. I am extremely tired today so this will have to be a short post. I am tired from chasing little angels here on earth who hold my heart in their tiny little hands. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What a pile of sweeties (your babies).

    That is a lovely gift. I am so glad you will have those treasures to create with.

  2. I will be heading out to Austin today to spend time with my 4 boys...will get acquainted with Mr. Sam-the-Man...14 months old. How adorable your wee ones are, but aren't they all??

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. What absolutely adorable little angels! May you enjoy gradma-hood completely!!