Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays with my Aussie sisters...

I finished installing the new art works for Oro Ray King's sculptures and Dalale Hall's painting that honor and inform the viewers of our indigenous Native American Tribes. If I do not say so myself the studio and the gallery are looking mighty fine! The colors and the theme of this collection of art works are quite inviting. I will include some of the images to give you all a taste.

I was cleaning and getting ready to scrub my floor when my two new Australian sisters Janet Inglis and her sister Helen Lehman brought their dear friend Gloria heath Kidder to visit my studio. Gloria is confined to a wheelchair and I was terrified that she might be injured with all my debris laying around the floor and remnants but when I saw Janet and Helen ...well the afternoon turned around from a gray cool afternoon to a warm sunshine filling our hearts. Gloria is 89 years old and sang joy into our lives as she renewed her passion for painting and making ART. We talked about Dottie Lipitsky and Marilyn Stocker and Dr. Charles Dietz...before I knew it I was making plans to visit Gloria I the very near future. I was in my work clothes and my hair was ...well a bid mess but I felt younger just being with these very special ladies whose friendship circles the globe.

I went to the grocery on the way home to select a very lean pork loin roast to prepare for Erin and Chance 's dinner tomorrow. I needed to add something to their recovery and a home cooked meal always makes the spirit and the body stronger. It is still in the oven and the house is full of delicious aromas that assure us all that tomorrow we will all enjoy a hot meal and a nourished spiritual circle of love.

I picked up my little Rosie and she has a very big incision in her tiny little head and needs our tender loving care. She is resting the best she can now in our bed with Ken upstairs and tomorrow I plan on making her a special scrambled egg breakfast to ease her into the day. I did not photograph her yet ...she needs a little more rest and then it is time for her close up. Enjoy my images and thank you for sharing my moment in time today. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Baby Lyndon is growing stronger and has an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow...your prayers are working ...my heart is yours.


  1. AS always I enjoyed your post. You are one busy lady MH. I love the Native Am. art. Happy T Tuesday. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog.

  2. Oh, your tea looks like SUCH a lovely time!

  3. Lovely pics for cool events, and sending love your way for the babies and you : )

  4. Oh dear, what did I miss? Rosie had to have an operation? I love the new installation. It just goes with my recent trip to New Mexico. Tea with friends, now THAT'S the ticket. Wish I could stop by and see the display and share some tea.
    I'm there in spirit. :)Bea

  5. glad to hear good news, MH...will keep holding the little one in my healing thoughts...looks like you had a nice visit and your installation looks great!

  6. Awe.... what a wonderful tea!! I loved the pictures!!