Friday, June 4, 2010

Music in the courtyard and a Doctor in our family...

It was hotter than Hades today and this afternoon we were revisited by torrential rains and lighting. We have not been home long enough to pick up the refuse and tree limbs around the house, on the decks and covered the driveway. Ken and I brought the little ones back to Newark to the first Concerts in the Courtyard with the Granville High School Steel Drum Band and a $5.00 picnic lunch plus free Velvet Ice Cream and cold, cold Free Bottled water to cool the fever in the courtyard. My arms were full so I did not get many photos but believe me it was a fun day for all. I ended up giving an informal gallery talk to a group of women after the concert and have scheduled another one for Wednesday at one o'clock to tell some of my stories and poems that inspire my threads in my quilts. I am meeting encouragement for opening my own studio/gallery space in The Works later in the summer. I am working on my proposal for a grant to assist me in this endeavor and I do feel I can make a difference in my community by modeling an artist life working in total visibility for my artists and children and encouraging Life long learning.

I came home and totally relaxed and ever so grateful for leftovers for dinner. i did a little laundry while I was "thinking" about possibilities. We watched a movie about WWII ...something Bastards with Brad Pitt and directed by Quentin Tarintino ...very violent and somewhat crazy and I am glad I have seen it but I will not watch it again. Now I am getting our act together to head down to Ohio University for Chance's Medical degree is about two hours south and I am hopeful to have good driving weather. I needed to be home tonight to sleep in my own bed and I know tomorrow is going to be an emotional day....tears of pride will flow like the Niagara Falls but the world is a better world today because of these young parents contributing to our Future.

I am getting depressed by the Gulf of Mexico disaster...when we will ever realize we are here to protect and enjoy our earthly world. I have an image of an oil covered dying bird and the tears burned my eyes. I would rant but there are so many already more eloquent than I am saying it than I ever will be. Please find a way to voice you horror and disdain for this avoidable crime against everyone. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

TRUST....You know that the flower bend when the wind wants it to, and you must become like that---that is, filled with deep trust.
Early journals Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. Such a time to celebrate and rejoice
    I know your hearts must be full to overflowing!
    BIG congratulations to THE Doctor and all!

  2. Yes, the disaster in the gulf is heartbreaking. I have been watching the news daily on updates about this horrible event. I feel so helpless!
    Congrats to the Doctor!!!! Even when things may look bad with the events happening around the world, there is always something to celebrate! The good always outweighs the bad.