Friday, June 11, 2010

Lovin the Midland....Summer of Love 2010

The winners are....

I have had a wonderful day today celebrating the arts with people I love... to raise funds for the Yellow Bus Series... a program which allows children from somewhat underprivileged schools to attend the live performances and to sit in the green velvet seats for Free admission. No One succeeds alone and this community came together to nourish the Arts for every one in my community. This celebration supports 8 live different, 2 workshops. and 6 outreach programs reaching 8,000 Central Ohio school aged children. This day included a golf outing, a silent auction, 1960's music by disc jockey Andy Bowlan and a live auction with the best of the best artists donating works, services, vacations, dinners and many more ...too many to list to have a fun evening bidding against our best friends for wonderful arts and experiences. My table was full of life and I actually won my silent bid for a Peace bracelet and earrings made by a new artist to me but I love her is groovy! I hope you enjoy the photos and can feel the smiles around the room!

Tomorrow I am volunteering for the Granville Art Affair all day tomorrow with many of my friends showing their works and processes with our county's families. Painters, jewelers, wood turners, assemblages, name it and it will be there and available for purchase. I am manning the registering booth and maps and general information and will be able to work under a tent...the humidity and heat is still on so let us all pray for a calm summer's afternoon to celebrate the Arts! I need to get to bed now because tomorrow is a very long day but ART Saves Lives!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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