Monday, June 7, 2010

a Monday with cool breezes caressing my body and soul...

I needed to continue my resting period into today but what a peaceful cool day to contemplate ...well just about anything peaceful. I am sending affirmations for survival of our delicate fragile spirits. I rested in bed under a well loved quilt with my companion little Rosie; she is my bodacious little terrier who is beginning to show her age and getting onto the bed is more difficult with each day. She is resting right beside me right now as I type this short blog...she is very much like my shadow. We ...yes I said we watched the Sundance Channel's documentary film about a young woman traveling from Muncie,IN to Alaska with her constant companion Lucy...a mixed breed golden lab ...the movie was "Wendy and Lucy". I need to remind myself to see this once again because there was so much sadness and isolation in this young girls journey and yet despite one hardship after another Wendy perseveres with incredible bravado. I ask myself how many young women are out there journeying alone to a new way of making a living in a definitely distant environment. Have any of you seen this film? Maybe the Midwest youth...setting out to find her independence and making mistakes along the way but still journeying on despite overwhelming loss of family support...every act of kindness we give to a stranger may be the only reassurance they receive in their day's progression. These are just my rambling random thoughts after I begin to process my last night's injections...drugs are so mysteriously seething through my body's systems.

I got another new... 2010 publication delivered to my front door to take me away from any discomforts and a place to explore in my sacred marks. I am going to have to sign up for a twelve step program to withdraw from my Amazon addiction ...whew Seth you have created a monster with the Book I do not have self control and once you get going with ordering is so easy. I digress. The new book did not disappoint me. L.L. Ludwig's Creative Wildfire : an introduction to Art Journaling -Basics and Beyond came with a free recycled blank journal to begin the exercises with it. There are sic chapters to ignite and get one started plus surface developments and techniques for making numerous journals and transfer and images to employ with printmaking techniques and assemblages. Several artists have contributed interviews and individual design elements in bright and BRAVE colors. Maybe the sharing of finding balance and making time for one's Art every day is probably one of the most important renewal lesson that L.L. Ludwig shares in this latest publication. Her other books Nature Journals and True Vision are also very beneficial and i am sure you have already discovered them. The interviews with other journaling artists have a spiritual reassuring appeal to my sensibilities. I need to get back to my collage now...the humidity is still high here so drying takes patience and I want to deliver this 16" by 20" canvas on Wednesday before my gallery talk at The Works at one pm. I hope you have had quiet moments today to refresh and breathe in this sweet season of summer's miracles arriving at our doorsteps. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am a living witness to my own life. My life may not be perfect but I am grateful to be here.


  1. I am on a down-day today too. Trying to keep up with everything between storms (more of which appear to lurk in the east) has taken a toll on my body. It is couch and TV or couch and book day!
    And speaking of books, the one you got sounds great! I started pasting papers into a journal I found at the dollar store, and only use a bit of colored pencil and Sharpie. I don't have to think/write, I just think/place/paste. It is quite enjoyable.....with no artistic merit I am sure but I don't care! (and yes, the mess has spread out of the wet studio, upstairs to the sewing studio and now into the house.....I leave trails in case I forget where it all came from! HA!)


  2. It's wonderful how our minds are so active even in days of rest for our bodies. We are lucky we have this capability. I can be happy living in a book or "in my mind" for some time.
    Book sounds interesting. Collage is something I am very interested in at the moment and the class I'm taking with Cat at La Dolce Vita is so much fun! Amazon...oh my, I am an addict too. :) Couldn't live without books, of many kinds, but the creativity books are soooo inspiring.

  3. It's soooooooooooo easy. You look at books, peek inside, see what other people have bought, click a few buttons and you GET MAIL in a week or so.
    YOU GET A BOOK! I mean for a book geek could it be any better? I don't mean having 22000 books on an IPad. You get mail. And, if you buy used which I always do, they come from booksellers from all over the country and each time it's wrapped a different way or there is a note along with the bill. I mean, I'm like a little kid when it comes to snail mail.
    I just got a book and a handwritten note from the seller that Madison was her hometown and when she lived here and went to school she published a magazine. She sent me a copy of the magazine, from the 70s. I USED TO READ IT! lol
    I mean, what a small world, heh? :)Bea

  4. I hope you are well and jumping soon! And yes...buying wonderful things online is most certainly something worth being addicted to! LOL! I hope you are inspired by your new book!

  5. I know what you mean about ordering books online. And I feel less guilty about The Book Guild because I may be ordering more than anybody else!