Sunday, June 13, 2010

A hot and humid day...thank God for air conditioning.....

Art keeps the coolness of the mind...but in a pinch Cole and Morgan demonstrate the utility of a sprinkler:O)!!!

This weather has made it very difficult to plan for any activity out of doors...and last night all hell broke loose. The second day of the Art Affair in Granville met the morning with the destruction of at least six tents on the lawn from he wild wild winds and torrential rains from the middle of the night. My dear friends had a double tent set up and secured theirs extra securely. She is an incredible painter and he turns wood into works of art and had displayed new furniture for this art event. I learned today that many artists were discouraged because they sold nothing during the two days and if you would add traveling and housing and food expenses they went home extremely discouraged. I did not photograph individual art works due to copyright issues and each artist's personal styles but in all the artists were very versatile and high quality. The large number of exhibitors on a hot humid day made it difficult for some of the patrons to get around the grounds and today the back row was rain drenched and a wee bit squishy to walk upon. I am not sure how today's Polo match went because I did use common sense and stayed home to rest :O)!!! See on some days I use the sense God and my momma gave me and today was one of them :O).

I did spend some time working out a floor plan for my studio space. I also attended a free informational meeting for young entrepreneurs... I am young in some ways . The SCORE program matches you up with professionals in my community and helps us set up a business plan and mission statement so I can avoid possible pitfall in my near future. I am still researching and for now I want to be a turtle and make my work in a visible place where my community can have a better understanding of how the processes work and the time and materials needed to put forth a strong and poignant focus for my viewers. I have several studios magazines and design books plus I am very familiar with the space and floor layout. Today I bought several display items and a wicker love seat on clearance from Kohl's with an extra 30% discount...woohoo...I found almost $650.00 tables and such for $178.00!!!! The three shelf portable cart with a slate mosaic top plus two side tables for display and such. I found a wicker love seat in a dark brown weave that is protected with a strong protective covering ...originally $369.00 on sale for $70.00 will need to be re-wrapped in the front central leg but I am pretty sure I can re-wrap it and secure it with some of my strongest Gorilla Glue. The last find is a fake leather ottoman that serves as a bench and storage on the inside with two small ottomans for seating and two serving trays that can be employed in many different ways. I think it will be inviting for patrons to come on in and sit a spell if they need a small commission and a possible personalized gift for a loved one. I see my dream coming into fruition...the are no for certain guarantees in this world that hard work and word of mouth cannot over come. I need to get back to work because the is a press release tomorrow at noon and I have a meting in the afternoon for our ArtWalk possibilities in July. I have been so blessed and I feel a new beginning blooming. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I'm so sorry that the art fair was so hot and then rainy and you are right that makes for a difficult time for people to walk around and in this economy to even think of buying art. sad
    I love how excited you are about your art space.
    I think it's very exciting too and love to hear the details. :)Bea

  2. So sorry to hear about the weather damage---I know what it is like! Seems like it is a very hard economy now for traveling artists (or for those of us that stay at home too!)
    But I am glad you stayed in and stayed cool!
    Sounds like the studio space is in the making; keep us posted!!!