Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matthew was our Miracle Worker....

I attended my very cool summer of magic...Weathervane Playhouse and purchased the remainder of the season's productions ...tonight The Miracle Worker...The Producers....Alice in Wonderland and the finale is ...Hairspray!!!!. I am sitting in the front row seat 105 center stage so I have perfect seats to take in the best of our theater's offerings. My little friend Alivia McKenzie...a first grader who dreams to dance and act and make ART... had a small part in the cast of the blind school children where Anne Sullivan graduated to becoming a teacher. This was a wonderful production and dedicated to Matthew Trombetta's hard work, passion and vigorous approach to making a LIFE! The play is a extremely physical and I was exhausted just sitting so close to the stage. The theater is a very intimate place but I will have to find out how many seats there actually are but everyone has a wonderful view and this year Thanks to Matthew we have air conditioning for the very first time. There is a special gathering after the opening nights but if I try to go to the service tomorrow I need to get to get home and to bed. There is a small crescent of the moon...and I was once told that this image of the moon is "the thumbnail of God". I find myself comforted by this metaphor of God holding us all together tonight and for the many nights when we will need comforting because we are missing Matthew. He is so loved!

As I made my way home I found a young woman in distress in the middle of the road leading back to my house...she was crying hysterically and attempting to pick up her belongings from the street and put them back into her purse. I asked her if I could take her home and to get into my car...of course my front seat was a disaster. My neighbor's daughter pulled up behind me and offered to help "Star" also. In a flash the abusive boyfriend reappeared and the young distraught woman jumped out of the car and ran toward his silver Intrepid...I called after her that this was an abusive relationship and we could help her and take her home safely. Nina and I decided to pray and hope that she would make it home safe...why does this young woman think she deserves this abandonment technique to keep her under his control. Now I hope I will be able to sleep! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What beautiful pictures. It sounds like you have wonderful seats in your theater. We used to have a small theater that had a stage that thrust out into the audience. You always felt like you were involved in the play. They tore it down to make a much bigger one and of course, make more money.
    I was read that it took about seven trips to the ER before a battered woman would even consider talking to somebody about a safe house. So sad. :)Bea

  2. That theater sounds like a dream.
    Your cool summer of magic brings vivid images to mind.
    So sad,,that women think they are without power to deal with abuse.
    I noticed at my doctor's office, in the bathroom, cards for women to take with them from a safehouse.Helpful information with complete privacy. I thought it a wonderful idea. If it helps even only ONE woman.