Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I know I should rest.... and I will....soon

A new mural at our new Weathervane Playhouse... Don Gunnerson and Julie Barrett collaboration.... Summer 2010

Hand marbled works on papers...delicate like a butterflies wings....

Today I visited the Granville High School C-tec art room to sort out some wonderful vintage laces and fibers donated to my friend Jennifer. Next October I will visit her classes and demonstrate a fabric assemblage book made with these found donated treasures. She has computers on one side of the art lab and studio presses, printmaking materials, art storage for still lifes and an infinity of art lessons to explore. This room had great light and work stations a plenty ...I really could not find anything to fault this wonderful environment. Jennifer is a top notch artist and bookmaker and these students are so fortunate to have her patience and expertise. Beads, buttons, snaps and old tools were employed by a mother and grandmother for her lifetime of creating...and now her daughters wanted the works and materials to live on in numerous pairs of hands. I have been sorting them during a terrible thunderstorm complete with tornado sirens and torrential rains and high winds. The cat and the dog joined me assist me in my sorting processes and not because the thunder was rumbling overhead and trees were bending to the ground.

Then Ken and I went to see the finishing touches of the contemporary mural collaboration with Don Gunnerson and Julie Barrett in the new additional air conditioned lobby of our larger and improved Weathervane Theater. It was hot and humid and just hours before the actual opening and dedication to this new and improved summer theater. They also worked to bring the Laramie Project to our community last in the smaller was an amazing work of art and the students were glorious in their intimate performances. Tonight My Fair Lady opens for special guests and patrons and tomorrow our 2010 summer season opens officially. Art Saves Lives here and with a little bit of effort one can enjoy Live theater in our own backyard. I hope you enjoy the photo previews.

Jennifer shared her marbled papers she created for a bookmaking class she is teaching in New York this summer. I have invited her to teach a workshop for me in the Fall so others can enjoy her wonderful teaching and have a beautiful paper art work at the end of the day. Have a great and safe evening. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Those marbled papers are gorgeous! I love seeing bulk supplies! There is just something inspiring about it!

  2. Love those marbled papers. I once did something with shaving cream and paint and got some interesting marbled papers. I have no idea what happened to those. Look at all the wonderful goodies to sort. Gosh, remember using that tape to stitch to a hem? Sewing class, 7th grade. lol

  3. I love marbled papers and fabric. My friend creates some on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing the photos.