Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the men I love in my life....

The day is almost spent and today was glorious as I spent it with my husband and my son in law to rejoice in their loving accomplishments. Ken has made me a better parent from day one with our three unique daughters and their individual paths they chose in their lives. Sometimes you can discover wonderful things when you have no where to go...when I met Ken my life had fallen to a low point and I had to relearn trust... to risk and love once again. As my husband and wife we chose to commit to one another come thick and sickness and in health...dedicated to creating a family with Joy and laughter and a safe serene environment where each spirit could flourish and grow with here on earth. For twenty four years we have cherished each others laughter as we sometimes muddle through the realities in making our life together. The rituals and small ceremonies we have shared over the years continue in our children's lives as they make their own family legacies. We both were in a veil of a mist today remembering the men who gave us our lives and strength to make the best family for the next generation. Our fathers are gone now but live through us in each new day. We shared the day with Chance and Erin and our wonderful grandchildren with a water gun shower of cooling fun in the backyard and delicious tacos with all the fixings. I realized the joy was in the eyes of my children squealing in glee as they delighted in exhilaration of swinging under the cool shade tree and spending the present moment in their Joy of living. Happy Father's Day to Marshall and may be gone but we carry you both in our hearts forever and our simple rituals of creating a life. I love you both forever and have a debt of enormous gratitude for your gifts over the years.

Our dear friend Don at 86 is back in the hospital instead of sharing a Father's Day brunch with Ken and myself. We saw him early this morning and late in the day to check on his comfort levels and progress. I am feeling he is in the most appropriate place for this night and his recovery will show some progress in the morning. Don is a generous spirit and a model for an artist living his dream for his faith, his family and his community's well being. Sleep well dear friend and we will cross the bridges and face the challenges together tomorrow. You have blessed my life. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sky Within Us

Oh, not to be separated,
shut off from the starry dimensions
by so thin a wall.
What is within us
of not intensified sky
traversed with birds
and deep
with winds of homecoming?


  1. Mary Helen that was just the most beautiful father's day tribute I have ever read on a blog. I was totally enchanted by what you wrote about Ken and your children and your grandchildren. How blessed you are to have such a large and loving whanau (family) and how sad I was to read about Marshall and James.
    Oh and yes, I will be savouring my own altered art is going to be very spiritual and important to me.
    PS. It is not father's day here in New Zealand until September 5th.

  2. Beautiful family. Beautiful words. Happy Summer to you. :)Bea

  3. You have a lovely family and I really enjoyed your post. Happy first day of summer!