Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday and Saturday recap...more hot and humid and hazy weather....

Yesterday I attended the most sacred and beautiful celebration of my dear friend Matthew's brief but oh so valuable life here on Mother Earth. The church was full to the brim and even the balcony seats were almost parking spaces in either church parking lots. The music and the letter written and read by Emily...who at 20 years has incredible poise and grace as she says farewell to her only brother. The many actors and musicians sang and played their praises to us all and lifted our grief up to the heavens. I felt Matthew's warm smile on us all ...I know those without faith cannot understand this holiest of energies and both ministers shared light-hearted stories of how they enjoyed having him in their congregation at First Methodist Church. Yes there were tears but there is incredible pain in this loss and the grief of losing such a young articulate loving man seems almost too much to bear. But with the realization that we are all on a sacred journey increases our understanding and strength knowing we are never alone. Barb Shoalis the minister with Reverend Mark Chow both agreed that this service needed to end with the Hallelujah Chorus with a full glorious choir. The room resonated with a sense of real peace...yes we will all have more dark days of tears but somehow we came to realize what a gift it was to have Matthew in out lives and our community! The church congregation went downstairs for a lovely homemade dinner and the stories of our M.A.D. Matthew continued throughout the next hour or so. The sense of community radiated through the multiple generations gathered together to break bread with Matthew and his beloved family.

I came home exhausted from the heat mostly and took a nap. Naps are so good! I did not sleep well the night before for worrying about the young distraught lady running back to the abusive boyfriend. When I woke up Ken and I attended the very first "Party on the Roof" at our small parking garage in downtown Newark. Arnett Howard and his Creole Funk Band supplied hours of wonderful music filled with memories for the people gathered to raise funds for our Mopar event in August and Music in the Parks. It was an evening of just plain good summer fun and friendship as the sun went down on a hot time in the old town of Newark. I came home and slept like a baby and when morning arrived I wanted to stay in my comfy bed and renew my strength.
Later I went out and actually found a floor sample futon for my office is...but comfy for a needed quick nap when I am down at the studio :O). I promised Ken I would not buy a single thing more until we get what I already have here moved 6 miles down to my home away from home. I also now have 16 students next week so I hurried to buy and wash some more white fabrics for next weeks "Forensic CSI Art Fiber Workshop!" I now think I have everything I need to have a good time plus I found a few more colorful buttons in a variety of sizes to add to our stitched slow cloth. Well tomorrow is Father's Day so I need to get some cards made tonight and sort my assortment of materials for Monday. Stay cool in a pool if you cane :O). Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. thank you for sharing the Love and Joy of celebrating Matthew's life ... you write so beautifully

    we are in the midst of hhh weather here too in Virginia ... I happily noticed, while watching the lightening bugs this evening ... the absence of mosquitoes ... dare I say it out loud!

    perhaps our snowmaggadeon earlier this year put a damper on them ... for now at least ...


  2. I had no idea that you were already in the space. How exciting. The class sounds great. Pictures, Pictures, please. :)Bea

  3. How I wish I were one of your students!!