Sunday, June 6, 2010

a cool beautiful Sunday...sometimes I enjoy sitting still

The weather has broken and the cool breezes continue to wrap around my entire body when I walk out onto the quiet deck. The birds seem to be enjoying the calm in the day as much as the deer walking across our back hill toward the river. Snapdragons are blooming... they must not taste sweet to the deer palate so i have been enjoying them as the brilliant pink vessels capture the morning's dew. All is good in my world and I am grateful for my new day even if it only a wonderful day for resting my body and soul.

I should be working on my collage for the auction but my body seems to seek solitude and very little movement. It might be because the medications have run their course and I need the methotrexate injections to boost my immune systems after the very busy week meeting the needs of the family 's end of the school year. I picked up a book by Diana Trout ....Journal Spilling ....and found myself mesmerized by the outline of this book full of mini lessons ....learning to Trust. Diana helps with a lean into trust lesson and followed by a taming of our inner critic. She has outlined supplies needed, secrets and wishes for play and her personal landscape into her workspace. Maybe the most exhilarating were Lifeline elements and field trips to explore portable exercises in transfer, water transfers and a traveling kit to put together to make numerous marks and written text in your collages and journals. At the back of this portable inspirational book is a list of words for "spilling" ideas onto the smooth accepting pages of our journals as evidence of our never ending journey. Diana urges one to go ahead and make a mess...but do not tell Ken :O) I suppose I should go back to work now...I hope you have all had a great weekend. Let us remember the Gulf in our prayers that someone smarter than BP can stop the death, destruction and loss of livelihood for our people. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart



  1. Nice post,,,some days are SO good for 'quiet time'. The birdbath is such a peaceful image.
    I'd like to see the collage you refer to, as I love collage.
    I too am praying for an answer to the Gulf mess.
    Frightening situation.
    Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting on Mille.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I loved visiting your blog too....and learned that we have much in common. I'm a 1980 graduate of The Ohio State University. I met my husband at a football game while sitting in Block O. He completed his masters and PhD before we moved to South Carolina. My Dad is an OSU graduate too and my mother attended for two years before they got married. My mother went to Granville High School before than. The world is so wonderfully small!

  3. Beautiful, appreciative post. How lovely. Be well, Penny x

  4. I have the book and love it. Beautiful picture of the reflections in your birdbath. Yes, rest! It is good that you listen so well to your body.
    You have been busy. Good busy, happy busy, loving busy but you need to recharge. Some slow cloth work might be the ticket! lol
    I'm off to work on the rowdy front walkway garden. With so much rain I expect all weeds to practically jump into my hands, I also expect to get muddy. PLAYTIME! :)Bea

  5. My dear friend Eleanor has reminded me that this beautiful flower is foxglove...digitalis... and usually the dear deer do not enjoy its taste. I think I did know this fact at one time but with the brain issues and memory loss I tend to get things mixed up. Thank you for your understanding and patience...I am so glad to just be here today ... Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I have a birdbath just like that one! I go out to watch and listen to the birds while I have my tea on the patio. It always takes me away and is very relaxing. Quiet time is restorative.

  7. lovely nature photos ... taking time to stop and smell the flowers is always a good thing ;)