Thursday, June 3, 2010

the last day of school and a new Doctor in the family....

It is late but what a day I have was the last day of school for Maya Rose who is now a 5th grader....and Sabrina Leigh who is now a third grader at Cherry Valley Elementary in the fall of 2010. I went on a hot and humid day to have a picnic lunch of hot dog, chips, dessert and Capri Sun sweet drink. I did eat my hot dog but I passed the rest off to little hungry ones ...I saved the Cheetos for Cole...these are his favorite. I then went home to pick up Rosie and headed over to Reynoldsburg to watch Cole and Morgan so Mom could go to Pittsburgh while Dad Dr. Chance Spalding defended his dissertation and then had a celebratory dinner with their dear friends in Pittsburgh. But wait there is more ...on Saturday we head down to Ohio University to Dr. Chance can receive his Medical it is Doctor Doctor what is the news???? Joy for everyone in he family as we celebrate the accomplishments and hard hard work during the last nine years. A marriage, two houses totally renewed and sold to pay bills, two and almost a third baby arriving in August. I get overwhelmed just repeating this young family's journey and for now we will be lucky to have them close by for hopefully the next five years. It has been one helluva week all around. I spent the afternoon running literally after two very active and mischievous little ones and now for some reason Morgan Elizabeth is awake in her Grandpa's arms hopefully to soon return to the land of Nod. My heart is bursting with love and pride...this young couple will change the world for us all.

My to have my own working studio where I work for myself in the space down where the LCA once occupied for their gallery. I am still working on details but I could work one on one with young and old who sometimes fall through the cracks in this weakening economy and demonstrate a new beginning in another person's life....I am passionate about Art Saves has saved mine. Now I might be able to work with the Women's Shelter... share a skill in sewing ....creating....even mending ...the world will always need a person who is skilled with their hands. I am not sure what direction will evolve and next week I am taking a small business workshop about the proper way to begin my business. Maybe a gallery ...maybe return the VSA and the Cerebral Palsy Artists exhibits to the central gallery...coordinate printmaking possibilities...anything is on the table when it comes to supporting this Dream. Right at this moment I am cooking some ideas on the back burner and the sky is the limit. Art Saves Lives!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I just found a handbook for neurosurgery...some light quiet reading for my evening....I am smiling. My time and energy is all I have to give and I need to make each day count. Sleep well dear princes and princesses.


  1. Wonderful news on the family! I'm glad they are going to be close by for a while. Look into the organizations that are already in place. You still need that studio space but we have R.S.V.P. which is an organization for seniors and it has a lot of different avenues for offering aid, help, teaching, tutoring, classes, etc. for young and the old. Also, the Boys & Girls clubs. Our local library also has workshops for children, teens and adults. I've taught in all these places, life journals, etc.
    Even senior centers. Sometimes it's easier to reach more people when you go into their environment.
    Anyway, I am inspired as always by your constant LOVE OF LIFE and you are my hero. :)Bea

  2. Congratulations on all the family accomplishments! I wills end all my positive energy your way...I hope your gallery dream comes true...That would be wonderful!

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful family news! You have so many good ideas, I hope your dream comes true!

  4. Hello, it's nice to meet and follow a fellow artist! do come by and visit with me sometime....

    i'm off to peek around your blog some more now!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  5. like the energizer bunny... !! I have faith, your dream will be seen xox

  6. Dream the dream...pray the prayer...built it and they will come! It is time for a harvest for many of us that have sown seeds for years. As many seeds as you have sown you are in for a BIG harvest. Your show at the Works is great...I am inspired every time I see your work. I will be in touch soon. Vickie