Thursday, March 28, 2013

Six years ago today...we made a late night drive to Pittsburgh...

Happy Birthday dear Marshall Cole.  You have made my heart swell with pride and continue to amaze me with your inquisitive, curious spirit.  You will change the world for the better............but I have said that since the day you entered this world.  Yippee Kayoooo! Cowboy and here is to many more.

I have had a great day today...yes I came home to finish my half of tuna sandwich and fell deep into sleep.  I was honored to work with two sweet little girls ...Cara and little Annaliese.  For three and one half hours we were all lost in playing with color, light, painting techniques and of course a happy hoppy Easter collage for the little one.  Cara has a sense of possibilities already...and asked her mother if she could come back again.  The youngest sister was so patient and supportive as Cara worked on her first landscape.  What a loving pair...I have been blessed.

Shireen came in with little Evan!  Shireen is a survivor of a kidney transplant and today I actually got to meet her mother and father.  Evan just walks in the studio with wide open arms for a hug and I so look forward to working with this energy little spirit.  I passed out sweet heart treats ........ and I know they will come back again.  A day does not go by without a sense of gratitude in having Shireen healthy and living her dream of being a wonderful, loving Mom.  Miracles are here ...every day.........when we take a moment to really see the light each one of us has to offer.  Make sure to SHINE every day!
 Ken came in to register Morgan and Lyndon for Messy Monkeys which starts next week....Sam works with her heart to guide families who are in crisis..she is such a loving spirit.
Jessica Phelps surprised me this morning.  She is an incredible photographer who has the courage to document crisis in Haiti, Mexico and South American orphanages.  She is working for our local newspaper The Advocate.  She is an amazing artist.
 Amber is getting ready for a move to Phoenix...she and one other student upstairs with COTC have landed great jobs in Phoenix.  I am so happy for her and proud of all she has accomplished!
 Cara and little Anna with their beautiful, loving mother Virginia have arrived for their ART afternoon and a lunch with Mom!  Yesterday trampolines........and today exploring several art techniques.  Cara is ready to bloom and grow ...she has focus, patience and great listening skills.  What a JOY to get to know this family!!!
 Cara is ready to gesso her canvas............
 Jay's new one week old sweet and even looks like Jay when he was a baby....  Dad is looking very proud!
 Jay loves and respects his beautiful sister...Jay works with us 2 to 3 days at the deli...he is the proud uncle Jay!!!!
 Jackson and his sister Alex are having lunch with their Mother and grandparents......... they are growing by leaps and bounds..........
 practicing with the soft touch of the graphite pencil to lay out her landscape...Anna looks over her shoulder in appreciation..........
 Shireen and baby Evan................look at those beautiful smiles!  Are you an Organ Donor????  A simple step to save several lives when we have the opportunity........ and he gives the very best HUGS!!
 The landscape is glorious!!!!!!!  Cara is ready to paint some more...I gave her a set of acrylics...a dot to spot...and mix her colors with two tiny canvases and easels.........beautiful work!
 She should be very proud!!!!!!!!!!!
 Anna is playing with Martha Stewart's sparkle paints and bright Spring greens and a clear blue Spring sky...........
 here we have a sweet happy Easter bunny created by a sweet little girl...well done Anna!!!
 How do you like the striped whiskers???
a flood of soft colors ...spray to create a moist rainfall to water the flowers..........

Yes I was tired...but I am so grateful for the gifts I have received.  May all your days be filled with perpetual JOY!!  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I am still waiting for my daffodils!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hurry up SPRING!


  1. Share your Joys........ I want to hear about your special gifts. Happy Easter! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I so appreciate all you do to support, nurture and validate each life you touch. Happy Birthday to Marshall and I, too, hope spring comes soon!!

  3. Loving all the photos, as always, and Anna's painting is lovely!