Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sheryl you know her??

I just finished watching a segment of Sunday's 60 Minutes about Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg.  TIME magazine also has her on the cover of their latest issue.  She is a remarkable woman who encourages women to support women and to reboot feminism.  "Sandberg is thinking out loud, bouncing from idea to idea, full of good intentions, but bubbling with contradictions."  I encourage you all to read and listen to some of her ideas... as artists I am discovering that women artists rarely negotiate their commission to their fullest.   I myself humbly ask for my payment due... almost embarrassed to receive the moneys due for my lifetime of works.  Slowly I ask a fair price...enough to help my family and support my journey as an artist...and know if the work does not sell for my asked usually means that the patron has very little understanding of my processes...journeys...exhibits...and personal developments.  Then I can own my works...because I do value them and when the right buyer ...the correct locations...placements... will make itself visible.  I am often asked "How long does this embellished work take??" and I answer truthfully lifetime!  Lean In ...should be a celebration of an individuals strengths and visions and I am going to give my own word choices a more serious, defined approach to making my life in my community as a working Artist.

Today our temperatures were up in the 70's...the urgency for Spring seems to be on every one's lips...affirmations for a renewal and a splash of pastel colors dotting our hillsides.  Tomorrow I have a visit to my hospital and my Lupus specialist and friend.  I have some concerns that the swollen glands in my neck are persistently growing larger and it is more difficult to swallow by the end of the day.  I need to confer on the possible tetanus vaccinations and the possibility of the Shingles shot.  Whenever one has a compromised immune system...extra precautions need to be taken before just going along with the flow and getting these types of shots. The rains are I need plenty of time to make the trip safely and on time.  I hope you all have had a great weekend to be rest...contemplate...and hopefully create.  Imagine and Live in Peace,  Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Lean In ...and Shine.....collaborative communications.....mentor....grow.

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  1. I've seen several interviews with Sandberg and I like her thoughts but in one interview with Katie Couric they showed different approaches to deal with issues such as asking for a raise or asking for additional help on a project. They showed both good and not so good approaches. I found them entirely useless. These techniques will not work with bosses who do not value women as much as men and also bosses who have no true managerial skills. This is what I currently deal with and have also dealt with in the past. We need to change them as much as ourselves.
    Also, I could not agree with you MORE about pricing Art. How do you charge someone for a painting that took you 2 full weekends, from morning to night to create and stolen moments throughout the week? Art is so hard to price. That is why I stopped selling on eBay. Yes, some sold but at the starting price of $20? for an original? Yes, it's frustrating when you need funds to survive. And so tiring.
    Which brings me to you. Yes, please talk with your specialist about the Shingles shot. I had Shingles years ago and suffered through it and it was awful. I'm sending you positive, healing thoughts and pray for pain free days ahead for you. XOXO - Cindi