Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whew I am tired....what a great day!

Today was a wacky Wednesday both in my Dawes Studio and at Whispers and Echoes Studio. I have been privileged to have visitors most of the day with the the temperatures in the mid 80's. Who knew this weather would be our companion in 2012? I worked , ironed, stenciled and smoothed my dyed fabrics with many new approaches coming to mind as I work. Luke came in, he is the director of Dawes Arboretum and brought some wonderful guests to see what I am working on. I asked and received for some PVC pipe to work some shibori into my processes. Tah Da!!!! I now have a very large , flatter plastic container to increase my folds and twists when I apply my low water immersion dye process. I also played with a combination of painting materials applied both on fabrics and print papers for possible cards. I have received my dye thickeners and other chemical water solution components so I can move forward with some direct dye drawing onto the large fabrics. Luke has asked for me to go out and take a drive to select appropriate trees for this most unusual installation. I feel...if I stop and begin to think about it...I am running out of time for June is right around the corner. But I need to stop...reflect...breather and work each and every day to put this step at a time!

Tonight I had some new faces show up for The Grill's children night. We continued working on the 4 by 4 canvases theme and painted pretty tulips...last week it was shamrocks! Next week we will work on small sweet bunnies. The children seem to really be enjoying the flair with the paint brushes but I have to remind the parents this is an exploration exercise for the child...not them. I enjoy watching the small artists solving problems and playing with techniques and color plays. I hope you enjoy the photos. Peace be with you. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Truly great art! The joy in their faces is my favorite thing to see!
    Dear friend, the show is tonight at 9 PM on is a very fast action show, I am usually pretty good but even I had to watch twice to get all of the info..Truly inspiring though...

  2. Thank you...I will watch tonight ...thank you for reminding me. Ken is with his family today to make decisions that are the most difficult any time to make. Mom really needs special care now and getting everyone to agree is difficult. Say a prayer for my family. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. That's the best kind of tired! and you have more fun to look forward to next week :)

  4. Holding Ken and family in my prayers and meditations. Love the kids! Love the pictures of the fabric. Wish I could hang around and watch, make tea, clean up and be part of the process. Thank you for sharing what you can, I love it. A little cooler today and gray, but so much green around me, I'm loving this Spring but it's two months to soon. lol :)Bea

  5. It looks like a lot of fun. Is the black one a sponge too?

    1. Oh Zom the black one is a lotus seed is one of my favorites to stamp and imprint with when I work with these dyes!!! It is fun but the lengths are getting longer and I am working up to four yards and a wee bit more! Take care and thanks for stopping by! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart