Monday, March 19, 2012

The last day of winter... and tomorrow we will have temperatures in the 80's.....

Today was beautiful...and I had a visit from a snake named Squiggles!!! He was captured by my dear little friend Justin, he is four years old and we had a great visit this morning in the Dawes studio. He contributed to my sketchbook with a lot of blue squiggles and Abby added the beautiful snake. They say be careful what you wish for...about five minutes after they left there was a knock at my door. There they were beaming with the joy of exploring the moist damp earth and finding a new friend. This was a very stinky little guy but that never seems to bother the little boys...we all had a good examination of Squiggles and went out together to release the young spirit back into some nice shade. In a wink..he quickly slithered away with a story to tell his snake friends about a little boy with a great imagination.

I continued working in my trees that are coming to life with soft beautiful greens. I am enjoying the depth of this impressionistic representation. Before I knew it the time had flown away and I needed to get to pick up another bolt of cotton. I also needed to have some special print work done...but I ran into some difficulty with the printing onto vellum. I ended up going to several locations and had no success...I think I will try to talk to some of the students upstairs and see if they would like a special opportunity to earn a little extra money???

I made a beautiful green today for a combination of direct application and immersion dye applications. The color is simply so soft and will be sensational when I add some direct dye painting with some drawings. Then I can add some textures with stencils...did I say how much FUN I am having even if I am working at a snail's pace. Have a great day tomorrow and I will be drinking green iced tea for sure ...if we hit the 80's here on the first day of Spring I will do a happy dance !!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I so love learning from young spirits like Justin...he sparkles with true energy and appreciation of the earth. Peace, Mary Helen

  2. Wow, Mary Helen! Those trees you're working on are incredibly beautiful! Keep it up, girl! And the snake story and pix are great!

    Thank you for such inspiration! Happy Spring, dear heart! I think of you when I'm cleaning off my gardens, a little each day. Glad you didn't get a tornado, and that your power stayed on. We just got a big rain and some hail the other night. Warm and crazy weather! Love you dearly, Suzi

    1. Suzie I am very proud of your one woman exhibit in Chicago...they are lucky to have you. I worked a very long day today and worked with my Wednesday night children's ART night. The crowds seem to continue to keep growing and tonight we worked on 4 x 4 canvases to paint tulips ...last week we worked on shamrocks and next week we will paint little bunnies. I think they will like having a trio of their small works to hang in the homes. Happy Happy Spring to you sis! Love you! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  4. Justin & I always love coming to Dawes & your presence there is a special treat! Youre kinda like Dawes' own Mother Eath!