Friday, March 9, 2012

The sun has arrived and blazes us into the moment....

It was raining yesterday and a cold, damp day where I felt kind of out of sorts. I did get some more research on wet into wet dye painting... appropriate for the day. I will be fixing the dyes on my processes and photograph them maybe tomorrow. With the cool temperatures...this can sometimes affect how well the covalent bond between Procion dyes and natural fibers can be intensified. I had several visitors including a Montessori group of children and their parents stop by and check out the studio. I invited them to contact the educational director to make arrangements to come back for a hands on visit maybe in they could help in this community installation. One child had an obvious learning disability but Zach was thrilled that I had something he could help with...stamping with large and easy to hold sponge applicators. He squealed will glee!!!! Ain't Life grand!!!!

I should have gone out tonight to attend an art opening...but once I came home I just could not get back out. I am reserving my energies and time for this Dawes project 100% !!!! I am going to share a photographer's mono-prints from his photographic images and they are simply magical. I hope you will enjoy his depth and sensitivity to the beauty in Nature.

I had Chris Lang drop by and we discussed the use of Procion Dyes and natural dyes when applying colors and tints to natural wools. Chris always make me rethink an issue and together we can explore the possibilities of mordants and their individual properties. Karri Ann came in and I am working with her to make a personalized wedding invitation for her upcoming nuptials.
I am back to typing with one hand..Roxie is helping me write. Have a great weekend! Pea ce, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am learning so much just listening to you talk about your project. Glad you have a paw available to help you type. xox Corrine

    1. Today was a wonderful day to play hooky....the sun was out and the temperatures were near 70! Roxie is a wild thing and as you know puppies have enormous energies so she is keeping me busy daily. I hope you have had a great weekend up North! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Strewart