Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy March and the beginning of a big adventure....

Happy ...that is how I feel about the new temporary studio at Dawes Arboretum. Ken helped me move the heavy stuff and even then I realized today I had forgotten a few more essentials like the iron and ironing board ...the camera ....the dye recipes...a few more ideas and sketches for the stencils I am cutting. I also needed the carving tools and exacto knife for my safety cut stamps I am working on... I organized them on Sunday when I was still looking for my Ann Johnston dye books. She was an incredible instructor and friend who has influenced my works over the past years. I also need to go to the bank so I can cover the checks for supplies I have been buying during the last couple of days. My YUDU is in the studio and I have picked up about 10 different inks to explore screen printing later after I finish the large background for the flutter by panels dancing in the trees. It is funny but working now...with the mild winter month's weather and knowing I will be creating all through the Spring arrival! Now you can see a little bit.... I am happy. The maintenance men came in the studio throughout my day just to see what was going on. They were installing a new set of bathrooms so I had a bit of company ...Ken found an old radio and tape player ...yes tape player but I do have plenty of tapes from the ...could it be the 1980's? At least I can pick up NPR for the afternoon shows. Well I will probably be brief and maybe even sporadic in my blog posts...I am knee deep into a wonderful ...growing ... adventure in Green. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I would like you to meet Roberto ..86 and a wonderful soloist who sings around the room at Bob Evans where ken and I had breakfast on Saturday!


  1. How exciting! You always look happy! Your sky photo is lovely.

  2. Looks great, what a wonderful array of supplies!!! xox Corrine

  3. There are no empty one of the themes I am working on. I began working a review today in Seta Colours. The temperatures were in the high 60's today...snow in the morning and then warm Spring breezes. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart