Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday and it is the greening of the morn ...

I had wonderful morning in the warmth of the continuing warming spell that has settled on Newark, Ohio. The flood waters have receded down south of me but there will be hours ...weeks , even months of cleaning up to do before the familiar schedule known to these families will return. The newspapers were here most of the day to make reports and the TV cameras seemed to be recording the smallest of details. Our community is tired but the resources have reached out with the life's necessities and warm beds to recover from the shock of their loss. I am donating some extras in the towels and sheets and possible clothing after my workshop tomorrow. I want to do something and they will guide us tomorrow and the days after to see what will be needed next. Say a prayer for all who are in distress and seek safety.

I mixed up a delightful green...a spring green with hints of blues and yellows to put brushstrokes into the barren trees that are slowly revealing the arrival of their greenery. The white floral tree was just beginning to come into bloom but I could not get close enough because of the soggy wet grounds. The moisture droplets hung like small jewels at the tips of the branches ...reflecting the intermittent sunlight during the late afternoon. I had several guests drop in to check out my studio and the plans for all of the fabrics in different stages of dye application. The young man is a professional photographer taking some photos of his younger brother who is graduating from college in the very near future. They had a small...very small Yorkie named Mandy who Roxie saw as an immediate playmate. Unfortunately Mandy was in no mood to romp with a frisky puppy! Priscilla dropped by after her shift and we had a good quiet chat before I came home and hit the bed. I love what I am exploring but it does take an enormous amount of energy to be up and active most of the day...and who says artists don't really perform manual work???

I am preparing my supplies for tomorrow's conference for early childhood at the Reece Center over at OSU Newark campus. I am demonstrating the connection between Making Art in the early years and Literacy. I do not have handouts...I am going for a full participation with the counselors and case workers. They have enormous case loads and are often overwhelmed with simple play activities to open up with their children and the young parents they are interacting with. In these difficult economic times I am going to demonstrate some simple and fun strategies that I pray will prove to be helpful in their work. In the afternoon after the lunch...St Patrick's Day lunch I will talk about Making ART from recycling. Again this will be a demonstration of how one might begin working with found objects and allow each child to explore the process of self expression. I know I have more than one could use in the time allotted but it is always good to have too much than not enough. Wish me luck...I ironed my bright Kelly green jacket and may wear Capri pants to keep myself cool as I move around the room.

I am signing off for tonight but I appreciate your comments on the process photos I am sharing. Hopefully my final supplies are going to arrive tomorrow ....thickening agents and special stamps that are mold able for me and the children and oh so much more. Imagine and LIVE IN Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful spring blooming shots!We are3 starting to see it here favorite time of the year!!!!!
    Best of luck for your workshop..I know it will be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love your tree paintings!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I was so exhausted from yesterday that when I arrived home I ate some leftovers and fell asleep for the evening. I figured I made about 50cents per participant and the morning session went really well. I received only positive remarks except for one...they felt the session did not match the description. It was a very hands on activity ... and the rest of the early childhood professionals enjoyed making Art that improves the literacy
      in early childhood. The afternoon was stifling hot and I had four very pregnant women who were struggling with the heat. Everyone was exhausted from a very busy conference so they were ready to get out the door. I am spending today catching up on home laundry .... and vacuuming up tiny bits of paper that Roxie so enjoys shredding for her entertainment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart