Monday, December 13, 2010

Twelve days until Christmas....

I worked from my home studio today due to hazardous road conditions for my tiny little Geo car. I needed a day to listen to Christmas music, put together our few Christmas decorations and our holiday dining room table. Snowflake tablecloth with candle light and sweet vanilla fragrance I listened to my favorite Christmas CD's...Kathy Mattea holds my heart right now. She came to the Midland theater a couple of years ago ...and definitely shares a holy spirit approach to welcoming in the Holidays. I caught up on my laundry ...unpacked small golden ornaments and peals for the tiny tree in the middle of our table. Placed the Christmas dishes onto the red/white snowflake tablecloth and ironed the green pine cone napkins...just for us to use. We warmed our dinner up from the weekend and actually ate at the table. ken came home very tired...he was up early to shovel the driveway and get an early start to his school. Our county had a two hour delay for starting school...this is a procedure where the road crews have a the chance to clear the roads and the children can make a safe passage to school. I know we are due to have a few more "Big" snowstorms in the future so saving the calamity days for serious weather and storms makes perfect sense to me.

I played with my Fimo clay tonight and created a couple jingle snowmen for the grand daughters and their tree. They would have been a lot more fun if they could have been here to make them themselves. e are suppose to have a family cookie day on Thursday ... and make peppermint chocolate bark. We are supposed to have another weather front come through on the same day and this may interfere with our plans to go to Louisville for my mother's Christmas family reunion. I am hopeful we will miss the big storm but time will tell. It would be nice to see 3 of my siblings in person for the Holidays with my mother's remaining sisters. ken has gone to bed but hopefully I will be able to put a few photos on in the morning. Stay warm and safe. I spent quite a bit of time today blog jumping ...everyone out there writing seems to be attempting to remain calm as Christmas draws nearer. Eliminate...simplify... and just be.... I am trying to just be in the moment and enjoy the present moment reflecting the real reason of the Christ child. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love the dog warming up Jesus!
    It sure is snowy around ohio....glad to hear you could work from home!

  3. Hi Mary Helen,
    I take it as a compliment that you re-posted my photo of the tree above.
    However, I would appreciate you asking me in the future.
    When you click on the photo you can see that the photo has my name across the bottom but I would still have liked it if you had asked first.
    I would have said yes, as long as I'm given credit for it.
    Thanks and have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Dear Cathy...I already returned to your post to publicly apologize for your moon was done with just pure admiration. I will never cross the line without asking first Miss Cathy. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Of course there would be a shepherd watching over Jesus! Too sweet!

  6. Found you through arlee's blog -- nice details here -- and I, too, find the photo with the dog very sweet.