Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rock and Roll with the Matt Frampton and Harry the Bass player....

Today the studio was visited by many wonderful people ...both large and small. Rosie the Snow Woman was picked up by Bob for his law offices around the corner. Tomorrow evening we have a special Christmas Art Walk around the courthouse square between 5 and 8 pm to encourage our community to shop locally and support the small local businesses. I know the weather will be very cold and is 19 degrees tonight and a cold whipping wind. The shop windows are all decorated with splendor and flair and will delight the heart of the child in all of us. I need to get ready tonight but I need to pick up some sweet treats for those who may come in for a visit. The Chop House is catering a rehearsal dinner in the central galley so hopefully I will receive a wee bit of the over flow traffic in the early hours.

I will pick up the three girls after their school day is over because Ryan is dealing with his diverticulitis and will have another surgery to repair a weak part of his intestines. He has been through three surgeries so far and I realize something has to be done to ease his constant discomfort. I am saying a prayer this will be the last procedure and he will have the chance to recuperate properly. I am taking the girls back to the studio to make their teacher gifts and Christmas cards. I think this distraction could persuade them to forget their troubles for a little while...then we will head out to grab a bite to eat for dinner...maybe on the square at a small Mexican restaurant so they can see the happenings in the neighborhood. Then we will head back to their house and take baths and get ready for bed. Say a prayer that I can keep up with these three dynamos...Christmas is here and they are more than ready :O)!

Tonight we attended an art opening for an exhibit with two dear friends...Kathy Anderson and Tony Reynolds ... at the Weasel Boy Brewery over on the river in Zanesville. The space is huge and spectacular...there are studios downstairs in several locations and the brewery upstairs with meeting rooms and many possibilities for special art gatherings. The music was wonderful with a two man team...Matt Frampton and his favorite bass player Harry... a very cool guy. The delicious food bits included a very spicy pizza created by the caters for the opening. The music was acoustic and diverse with at least four decades covered. Unfortunately Ken is on antibiotics so he could not mix their delectable selection of beers brewed right on the premises. I was looking forward to meeting the owner and I already knew his wife Lori Wince but they were unavailable this evening. There is a very enticing group of artists in a few short blocks located right on the river front... walking distance and I will have to work to get back here when the weather warms up to check out their first Friday Art Walks. Kathy and Tony works looked great but I wish they could have lit up the displays of Tony's collection of wood turnings...some of the corners were sort of dark. I am so happy we were able to make it down to their collaborative exhibit...they are warming up for their exhibit in March at the Works Art Gallery in 2011. Now I need to finish my house hold duties and prepare for tomorrow's busy day. Stay warm and cuddle in if you are experiencing the first of winter's long cold nights. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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