Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday in the studio and surprises ....

I worked frantically to complete a special commission for a young man who asked me to create a personal journal that he would share with his special girlfriend. They are both college students at different campuses but he is working hard to graduate in two years in a nutrition/sports trainer degree. She is an empathetic young woman with the desire to become a physical therapist. I really wanted to make a easy map like journal that they could write , document and collect mementos from their courtship years. I am including some photos of my contribution but the real work will develop and grow as they begin writing their feeling down on pages. This is a totally personal gift for now and for their future. I personally think this is one of the best gifts to create and to receive. I am very happy to have my journals from my youth. These are simple gifts and yet so precious and priceless.

Then when I had wrapped the journal and sent the young man on his way I turned around to hear..."Is there any good art around here?" Yes there is and this question came from a dear friend who is the mother of two children with her husband and her parents. They has just arrived from Lafayette, IN for a quick Christmas holiday visit home. Julie was one of Ken's 8th grade students from years ago...what a gift to have these special people in our lives over 25 years ago. We had a great visit at The Works No Nog Holiday Events.... mastodons...interurban trains... invention labs....car rallies and races...Wii games and activities. The afternoon just flew by and before we knew it they were on their way home to share the rest of the family reunion and share the gift exchange. These young parents have done a remarkable job with two beautiful young children ....and they all look like little "Julie and Doug"s. Well I need to get to bed...I have a meeting tomorrow for a special exhibit being planned for summer 0f 2011 with a Mardi Gras theme. I am very intrigued because I have a piece in my mind about a transplanted New Orleans chef who survived hurricane Katrina ...and moved his business to Nashville to start a new business. I look forward to hearing about these exciting plans. I am sending you all snowflake kisses and warm mitten hugs to everyone. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Oh my, your energy is just amazing!! I'm still rolling around here, and have no desire to create or even thinking about being creative...still in that sugar stupor!! LOL

    Have a lovey week and Happy New Years!!


  2. Slowly getting plugged back in after the holidays. Have been lurking now and then and enjoying your posts as usual. Lovely things you do for others MH. Hope your New Year is happy and healthy.

  3. Love that journal what a wonderful gift for that girl! Do you ever sleep? xox Corrine