Sunday, December 26, 2010

A quiet Sunday after the Christmas cheer....

sugar cookies
snowflake kisses
Christmas pajamas
Two new blue flame throwing Toothless...
a purple and pink rocking horse
puzzles and magnifying glasses
a tent with a tunnel
books...books... books
a Hokey Pokey musical skirt
three grandmas
two grandpas
and a run of the whole house....
Merry Christmas at the Spaldings!

Today is a time of quiet in my home...Ken went out to the grocery to replenish a few essentials and I did some laundry catch-up. IFC channel offered a diversion with a marathon of "Geeks and Freaks" from the year of 2000. I am amazed at the young talent that grew from their appearances on this unique TV series. The children and grandchildren are all playing with their newest toys and taking a much needed nap after the wild experiences from yesterday. I will keep this short but please peek into our gathering yesterday and relish the simple joys of having small hearts squealing with just happiness. Yes the rooms may be literally trashed ...but the reality is "Who really cares?" I hope your day was full and mellow and you are all safe as the East Coast Blizzard hits to close the year of 2010. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Mary Helen, your grands are just adorable...that baby is just too adorable!! This year there were no little ones, but on Christmas Eve, as we celebrated at my mother's, my Sean, the oldest of the 4, kept texting me from Austin, letting me know about all the great stuff he was getting....he loved the magic wand...told he keeps it close to him...on his bed stand.

    Our Christmas Eve was quiet and much of the discussion was about my father, who passed away 6 days before Christmas in '08. My brother's girlfriend made my mother, sis and me silk scarves made from his old neckties...there was much laughter and a bit of tears remembering those ties and my dad.

    Today I'm planning on disassembling Christmas of '10, giving me time to enjoy the coming weekend...will have an open house serving my traditional "menudo."

    Have a great week and God bless you all.


  2. Snow, snow and more snow here today, but it's about over. Just the clean up to finish off. Looks like the family had a ball for chirstmas. Books and more books, that's always our gift too. If they can read, they can do anything. xox Corrine