Monday, December 20, 2010

My Carolina Wren was outside my bedroom window this morning....

I woke up this morning while Ken was out looking for a new or almost new car and saw something fluttering around outside on my front porch...I sat up in bed and realized it was my little bird friend ...the Carolina Wren peeping in my if to say this was a special day. Maybe it was a reminder that I need to buy some new birdseed for the platter for the long cold winter nights that will begin tonight. The Winter Solstice arrives tonight with a lunar eclipse. We have experienced 19 days out of 20 days with white snow falling ...tonight will be the longest, darkest day in my neighborhood. It is 18 degrees outside without the windchill factor...and my small little Wren is still my front porch companion...the porch swing meditations are a wee bit chilly these days.
Carolina Wren
tiny and small
peers in my window
and my heart
for a tiny heart
winter is coming

I finally went in to see my eye specialist today and yes I do need a change in my lenses...and my frames broke on the same afternoon. I realize my head size has grown and choosing a frame would brighten my outlook. I arrived to the studio later in the day and Ken moved in another bookcase to hold my clear plastic boxes of numerous art supplies and punches. God bless Martha Stewart...I have truly enjoyed using her wonderful but expensive supplies. I was paid generously for my black/white wedding backdrop and have orders to make two more black panels as well as four white panels for Future weddings and celebrations where I can decorate the backdrops for each clients needs and wants. If you can decorate collage cards ...well this is just one great big fabric card! I am already working on a sweet heart Valentine creation for romantic dinners ...WooHoo!

I am writing my few handmade cards tonight for the people I love but will not be able to be with them in person. May you enjoy the blessings in the Winter Solstice safe and warm. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am always amazed at the resilience of these tiny birds. You are slightly colder than us and we just got 2" of snow, first snow of the year really.
    It makes for a pretty ground cover for Christmas. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy the holidays with all of your loved ones. xox Corrine

  2. To me birds that 'seek you' have a very special meaning....and soemone said they are a message from a loved one no longer here....Since you are loved by so many, I have no doubt, this was a special visit....
    Thank you for all your encouragement to so many, your inspiration and the warmth of your friendship that comes through this cold pc.
    happy new Year and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    It is so good to call you 'friend'...In the spring I am coming to see you!

  3. Wow - look at those photos - what beauty surrounds you, Mary. Isn't it always lovely when the animal friends pop on by to say hi?? Here in NZ, of course, we celebrated the longest day with Summer Solstice. We still have birds nesting yet it's already mid-summer!

  4. Another lovely peek into your life. Have a beautiful holiday!

  5. Just love those wrens!!! We have a blue jay, who lets me know, in no uncertain terms, when the feeding platform is empty!!!
    Great photos - love those dessert pedestals!!!
    Drop by for Tea on Tues, if you get a chance - there is a teacup exchange coming up, if you are interested!