Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paris ...Luminous years....PBS

I worked in the studio with my dear Michelle Channel as she created two of her "Quick sketches" for Christmas presents and we share a delicious McDonald's Happy Meal complete with a refreshing orange drink. The toys went home with Momma for the little ones. I made my quick stop at my Goodwill for the senior discount day.....25% off. Delightful shopping when the other prices around me continue to go up and up! I found some very useful items to incorporate in my studio!

I had an incredible gift of a voice from from my dear Cyd called and we talked and caught up and cried for over an hour. I can not articulate how much love I received over the phone lines. I think we need to plan another adventure...we are most definitely over due for a sister's travel journey...hmmm where shall we go? I think I am going to Tucson at then end of January or early February... Westward Ho!

I must have had about 5o emails to catch up on tonight.... om goodness I did not think I knew that many people or actions to be acted on! I also received a photo from a student from the past in 1984...and I was so surprised to see how skinny I once was. I had just had my surgical hysterectomy so that might have been one of the reasons. Gosh I hardly recognized myself. What a HOOT!

The day is done and I need to get to bed...I have a background to finish sewing for a wedding on Sunday and will be up early to check the latest snowfall count :O)! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. My brain is like a fart in a skillet...I watched a wonderful series on PBS tonight detailing the cultural impact on the growth of the American Arts. Excellent program and so inspiring.

Betty and Lew Hullinger donated corks for my studio recycling art projects Whoopee!

My little artist Kylie came in to draw with us today and shared her latest Barbie dolls. Thank you little one!

I love snow laden evergreens with tiny little colored lights.
Peace be with you!


  1. I totally forgot about that special on PBS- I should have autotuned it!!! Maybe it will play again tonite!!Love your studio.

  2. Always lots of smiling faces on your posts, you bring joy wherever you go. xox Corrine

  3. Your landscape looks like a Christmas card!! No snow around here...sigh!!!!


  4. Looks like this time of the year is magic for you, Mary Helen. Always nice to be reunited with old friends and acquainted with new :-)