Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday and I lost my keys...

Yes... I realize my car is my Art Locker and somehow I misplaced my studio keys in all my rushing around yesterday...finally after much ado about nothing I did find them in the back seat...How the hell they got back there I will never know. "Tony Tony turn around and something lost must be found." The Catholic girl prayer when I lose my mind :O)! Last night was so wonderful with the children from Uganda but I did not get my regimented duties done and felt rushed all any of you ever feel this way or is it my brain damage???

I did find myself taking extra care the rest of the day and making sure I put everything in the proper place...well at least for me my proper place, I finished my commission for Christmas cards and started another group with the snowman punch...but I needed a hammer to get use my punch. This is really one of those days but they did finally work out. I had a few visitors come in for glass hand blown ornaments and I sent them to the Works where Erin Besser has been working. Next year I am going to work very hard to find some new glass artists...anyone out there??? Contact me because everyone needs beautiful reflective glass art.

Tonight I went to Hannah's first Christmas musical program...there were four large kindergarten classes on stage. If you need to have your spirits lifted for any reason...singing children smiling down from the stage will smooth out any rough moments in the day. I am now catching up on my laundry as ken is staying with our dear Erin... today is her birthday and she had surgery on her thumb...maybe the Universe is a little wacky today. Tomorrow we will attend a special family Santa event with Erin's mothers club...last year was a true blast! Stay warm and hug your best buddies! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Stay warm too and enjoy the little ones, nothing better at Christmas time than the look on their faces when Santa comes along. xox Corrine

  2. LOL! At least your keys were not in the refrigerator. My Mom did that once. It was pretty amusing!