Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday and hot chocolate...baby it is cold out there...

Farewell to Elizabeth Edwards...may the angels wrap her in their loving arms as she ends her 6 year battle with breast cancer. I will never know how another deals with the pain and loss she experienced during her lifetime but I have only the greatest respect and admiration for her love of family and country. I want to remember her smiling face ...courageous spirit and love of her children.

I had a wonderful day in the studio...delightful visitors and a few sales but no heat. Yes... on this cold winter's day our boiler is on the emergency list. Justin and Tyler are our maintenance men and worked hard to repair the furnace and hopefully the warmth will return tomorrow. I had a delicious hot tomato basil cup of soup and hot chocolate to warm my insides as I continued working on my commissions. I need to get to the bank and make a small deposit to pay a couple bills. I sold three pieces of Alice's jewelry and wrapped them in very cute Christmas packages complete with jingle bells. I have another quick sketch coming in for the Holiday special and I will frame hers in a Christmas frame ...she liked the one I had my Rosie in for 2010.

We all have our pets and love them dearly but loving a pair of llamas is a real heart warmer. My friends Chris and Dave adopted two half brothers...Midnight and Whizzer. Midnight came down with a growth, infection and then surgery only to succumb to this mysterious health issue. It all happened so quickly and poor Midnight was a gentle spirit who helped Dave protect their sheep in the fields. I asked Chris if Whizzer was acting or grieving..but she is not sure. The sheep seem to have noticed his loss more right now...animals do grieve I believe but we can never really know or evaluate how to measure this loss. I am sad for your loss Chris.

I worked with a beautiful 4 year old named Kylie...she was pleased to create a pink and green pink and green and pink and green Christmas present for her mother. If you study her intense pleasure in her smiles and her eyes I think you can appreciate how much I enjoy making sacred marks with young artists! You did a great job and your mother is going to be so pleased.

I have a roast in the oven for tomorrow because I have been invited to see and hear a young childrens choir from Uganda tomorrow at 7pm. Our daughter has a birthday on Thursday..plus minor surgery so we will be pitch hitting for Dad since he is on night rotations at the hospital. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I love llamas!!! They are such neat animals! Kylie is adorable and her projects are absolutely fabulous!

  2. I recall many years ago my youngest son, Ian, who is autistic loved to go up the road to Las Cruces, NM to a Llama farm. He felt something very special for them and I loved taking him often because it made him so happy. The farm is gone, but the memories are still there.

    The weather here is very nice, but with warm weather comes continuous sinus problems...I've had no respite since the early Fall...am waiting for some kind of cold weather to set in because my poor nose and sinus' are worn out. Yesterday it was 68, but we also had some wind, whipping up real estate from not only here in TX, but NM and Mexico...oey vey!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend...how very sad to lose someone close. I too can't identify with such suffering, thankfully. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.