Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas luncheon with the future artists of my community....

Marcia had this about? .... a Christmas lunch with four very special little persons and then I could have an art lesson/workshop/play time exploring my love and adoration for Snowmen!!!! Claire, Peter and Sally are all energetic siblings full of life and vigor who are the children of a dear friend who loves The Works as much as I do!!! Alivia is a young artist who has a passion for theater, music and the Arts. She has been in my life almost since she was born and always called me her "art friend" when she and her mother lived upstairs in one of the apartments in our complex. We all sat down to a festive table and enjoyed warm soups and delightful sandwiches as well as the children all tasted chocolate french cream Madelaine "mouse" cookies from the bakery at the Chatelaine Restaurant and Bakery. Then we began painting an iridescent blue sky and fluffy pearl white snow fields. We sprinkled with Martha Stewart's finest sheer glitters to add to the crystal appearance in the snow. They wonderful proteges... went to work on their design elements and their individual snowman compositions. Crystals, snowflakes, ornamental pinched out snowflakes and a spritz of pure water ...all the same elements but with totally unique finished images. I could not have been prouder...generations with mothers and daughters and grandmothers surrounding the worktable and celebrating the entire process of childhood total abandonment in making their sacred marks. I have one more commission to complete tonight for a special Christmas pin I an designing in jewel tones and with bead embellishments. Then a few more hand made Christmas cards...I realize they may not arrive on the 24th but the message is the same...I love these people and will mail them a visual hug and a kiss. I hope you enjoy the photos. Yesterday ken made the post for his mother's 90th celebration so I forgot to tell you about my morning visitor outside my bedroom window...a beautiful red cardinal. One of the comments shared the narrative about this visit from a bird of flight is really someone from my past coming to call on me and my family. i was totally moved by this prayerful concept...listen for the whispers and echoes in your lives. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. So festive and heartwarming dear Mary Helen!

    Thank you for sharing your art and energy so sweetly...

    Lots of Love and Joy to you and our planet

    Brightest of Blessings to you and yours in 2011!

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun and festivities! Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Looks like everyone has had a super time! What fun for all! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!