Sunday, February 26, 2012

when you wish upon a star...a night with the Oscars

Bret McKenzie from the "Flight of the Conchords" a two man group from New Zealand just won his Oscar for his music and original Muppets film score. Now I was in love with the movie Rio..."awkward!~" but I know my four year old friend Justin will be just as happy about the Muppet Movie win! Hugo is doing real well tonight ... I can not wait to own my copy of this spectacular movie from Martin Scorsese. I am in love with the theme of discovery in this movie and the city of Paris is alive with the illustrations!!!

This afternoon I prepared sketches in my Dawes reference book and selected some new information from Dharma Dye supplies... Jerry's Artarama ... and Procion Dyes have been very helpful as I continue to wash my bolt of cotton fabrics in preparation for this large series of first dye processes. Tomorrow I will walk the pathway of this installation and interest is growing ...mostly word of mouth... for over 25 years even my neighbors have wondered I did up on my hill in the woods. Now I am working to create a colorful landscape of sculpture made in fabrics dancing in the winds. I will evaluate where the clothes line will go and check on the studio space so I can begin asap! I received my Dawes Arboretum newsletter and I feel so honored to be working in the preparation and demonstrating for this year's Arbor Day celebration. Last year i was working with making nature rubbings and then sending children out into the arboretum to find the matching trees. I am so blessed! I hope you all have had a great weekend! Roxie continues to throw herself into our daily life and grace our hearts with total adoration! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. The next step in a process is always exciting and the next and the next. Enjoy the journey. :)Bea

  2. Dear friend!Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for your constant 'peeking' into it and encouraging me!You are an incredible person!I am so honoured that you would invite me!i would love to paint the skies!
    I so wish I could come and dye with you...that's something I have been wanting to do for a while...
    I see the new puppy is getting well acquainted, so adorable...
    Again, thank you for your generous spirit!

    1. Gabriela ...I was really serious so thin about it! Peace, Mary Helen