Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday...and excitement too!!

I was working on several small projects and preparing for my Days of Creations at St. Francis Elementary School tomorrow. I have to gather all my supplies and make ready for the short trip ... I am setting up stations for the each step in the demo for creating layers of textures and printing simple collographs. I am thinking about a Valentine theme in bright, vivid colors. I plan on rubbings with different crayons, torn edges, and then planning the printmaking steps to create design elements for a unique creation. I am also scheduled for my mammogram in the afternoon. Whew this is going to be a crazy day for all of us.

Tonight we made small acrylic paintings in a very impressionistic approach and immediate response to the changing colors of the evening skies outside the studio. We were experimenting with a watercolor effect ...but as the evening progress each brushstroke took their own direction and depth. This is exciting to do and to witness. Not every one wanted this assignment so they worked in the colored pencils to recreate World War II episodes that had been told to them about their grandfather behind enemy lines. We were celebrating birthdays and valentine cupcakes plus ice cream cakes. All in all the place was a happy happy place to be tonight. Doug is turning 50 today!!!

I was suddenly made aware of thick billowing dark smoke blowing through the common area in our courtyard. A van had caught fire and I was told three children were inside and quickly rescued. The fire department and our police were on the job almost immediately and even though the van's owner was visibly shaken no one was injured and the fire was under control almost immediately. There is never a dull moment.

My dear friend picked up the special collage for her Art Auction. She came out even though she has been plagued by severe headaches over the last couple on months. She made a wonderful contribution to my studio costs and I nearly cried in appreciation. I told her I could stretch it for at least 4 or maybe 5 weeks. I am so amazed by the kindness that has been given to me as I continue my journey being visible for all to enjoy seeing how artists work daily. I also sold three Valentines ...for some very special recipients to hopefully enjoy. I invited her and her beautiful daughter to come visit me when I am dyeing and painting my fabrics for the Dawes installation!

Have a wonderful time in your life being an artist. We are so lucky to be living our dreams and making beautiful marks for the world to enjoy. Dream Big!!! Blessings and peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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