Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tea with honey and two of my daughters at Mi Fiesta....

Yes... I realize I should be working but today I was surprised to see Sherry Lynn and Tina Marie , two of my daughters standing outside my door of the studio...yes we did go to lunch and I had iced tea...but they were in a beach mood and shared Pina Colladas.
Just seeing them as grown women...laughing...loving... surviving many hardships in their lives ....well the gift of being with them was priceless. These two young women are mothers, sisters close in age and now true friends. Beautiful free spirits making their daily lives a joyful adventure. I love you girls...you are my gift from God. Do you remember this saying when you were small? The gift is still here.

I went back to the studio...the skies were gray but my heart was filled with sunshine. I began working on my portrait I had started yesterday...the face is filled with a life waiting to be told and as I added colors with pencils and watercolors I could begin to see the life coming forth. Drawing is real work...and I need to do more of this mental and physical exercise.

I forgot to mention my little friend Cooper was there at the studio when I returned..he calls the studio Mary's house. About once a week Cooper comes down with his Nana and mother fun lunch and I received my long hug of appreciation. Simple joys from a tiny heart. Smiles....

I went to my Michael's to pick up a one day special...Ditto stamp pads and stamps on sale for $2.00 each. I picked a lovely lime green, teal blue, luscious purple and of course a black refill pad ,,,,for the future stamping fun for my work in the studio with my alphabets and stamps. I also picked up some foils...adhere with glue I think, to play with in my assemblages and collages. I ran into on of the instructors from the school that is hosting the auction for Welsh Hills. In these times of economic uncertainty ...I am hoping my contribution will help them build up funds for future Art adventures.

I stopped by my daughter's home and she was next door...so I visited with Sabrina and Hannah as they delighted in telling me about their days in school and the upcoming Valentine's Ice Cream Sundae party. OOOOh this sounds like a party for me! I came home and had Chinese stir fry and took a quick nap...the cold weather has returned and tonight we will have the return of snow flurries. I am watching the new series"The River" on ABC about amazing things happening on the Amazon. Spooky ... well at least it is not a reality show! Have a great day in your studio and I do appreciate your encouraging comments. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What an absolutely beautiful pair of daughters you have. It is a mothers joy to share time with her children no matter their age.....and then grandkids are just the uper besties in the world. You're a fortunate one. Oma Linda

  2. I think "Mary's house" is a favorite place to go for all. :)

  3. I know going to my studio is my favorite place to go and I try to welcome my world into my sacred fun place! Have a great day! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart