Monday, February 27, 2012

Dawes Arboretum new home away from my home....

This morning I visited my new studio space and Laura helped me plan the layout of the room and prepare for the next three months. The room is large and quaint ...the lake is right outside to the south of the classroom. There were other Naturalists are in the next section of the building and we have picnic tables under cover for Spring showers in April. I am moving in this Saturday so I have a lot of prep and packing to complete to set up the dye studio. I will be traveling up to Medina to visit the paper mill factory to select supplies for my exploration in colors and skies before I apply the dyes to the fabrics. Laura was driving her husband's BIG truck....and I was able to get up in the front seat. I understand why big guys love their go Toby Keith!!!

I spent some time walking around several large trees and I could envision the fiber journals dancing in the was very windy so I will have to examine the velocity issue once again. I took some photos of the largest trees in the walkabout for inspiration and visualize the flying colors. I went back to the studio and Kathleen brought in her Bonita ...I had left Roxie at home during my meeting and walkabout. Bonita looks like she could be Roxie's twin... they are so cute. Lynn Logan Grimes came over for lunch and I shared my felted piece...small...intimate... and ready to embellish with my beads. She is curating an exhibit for the next month after the ceramics exhibit opening in the next week. Then to my surprise my dear friend and artist George Leach surprised me and shared some good news ...he is having a show of his newest works up in Toledo in April. He looks great but is still recovering from his break in his ankle ... the pain is still his companion as he is in therapy to bring back his strength. His new paintings are full of colors and excitement and I want to go to the opening ...unless he plans the event the same day as Arbor day at Dawes. George loved touching the new fluffy painting brushes for my project works and promised to bring the boys out on a Sunday as soon as I get ready and set up.

I was very tired when I came home and realized Roxie had done real well in her crate training today. She was anxious to get our and run and play and poop and pee soon as I lifted her up. I love puppy kisses ...she acts like she has not seen me since...forever! Ken had a flat tire this morning... so he went to get a new tire. Yes, it is a Monday and rough as it can be on some days.

Please go out and drink in the North sky...the stars and planets are aligned in a magical dance in the Universe. The sky is just too beautiful for words! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. How exciting to have a new space. Can't wait to see what comes next.
    I wish we could see the alignment here, but too far south I think. Take it all in MH.

  2. Yvonne. The sky is spectacular!!This space is only for the time i am creating for the installation at Dawes but the surroundings are so peaceful! I will keep you posted and I did not forget your special mail package. :0)! MHFS

  3. looks great!! and i agree, puppy kisses are the best...enjoy your northern sky...xo

  4. Hi Mary Helen. Wow! A new studio! You are amazing! It looks so beautiful there, and the people sound super!

    They are so lucky to have you come there and grace them with your joyful self! Much love, Lucky

  5. Good Morning Mary Helen.... Oh how fortunate to be getting a new space... I can not wait to see this unfold for you... Looks like it is in the country?? I love nature and trees...... So much inspiration around us almost makes a person burst!!!

    Have a Blessed day!

  6. I have been in love with Dawes Arboretum for as long as I have loved my sweet Ken. To be able to make art there in person in a response to the beauty of Nature ...well this is such an honor! Blessings to you all! Go to your studios and create!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You deserve this!